The Indy Power Rankings Tag Team Top 5 For September 8, 2014

Here are the top 5 independent tag teams of the world this week on the Indy Power Rankings on The Barbwire Blog, the best tag teams from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, from Europe to Japan. we’ll count down the 5 most popular tag teams in the world this week, hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from independent wrestling writers for the week ending September 8, 2014. Now, on with the countdown!

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of September 8th, 2014


1. reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly @ROHOReilly & Bobby Fish @TheBobbyFish)-That’s 3 straight for the ROH World Tag Team Champions! They have now been #1 for 3 weeks straight, which marks their 4th #1 ranking in 2014. Pretty impressive stuff for a team who just knocked off a team that many consider the best in the world when they beat The Young Bucks in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match on 9/6 at ROH. They have been mowing through the competition as of late as they have now won 10 of their last 11 matches. This tag team is SOARING up the Tag Team Top 50 as they’re currently sitting at #4. With a few months to go, they have a solid chance to continue to rise. #2 in the online poll.

2. The Submission Squad (Gary Jay @StiffRoboGinger, Evan Gelistico @Pistol_Danger, & Pierre Abernathy @PierreAbernathy @SubmissionSquad)-This 3 man team had quite the impressive run at FIP on 9/5. It was such a good run that there were certain voters who felt they should be #1 this week after running through the Fallout Tournament. It was close, but in the end, they ended up with a #2 ranking from their accomplishment as they were unable to knock reDRagon off their throne this week. It was still a DAMN impressive weekend as they knocked off The Savages, Classy Country, and then the Full Impact Puerto Ricans to win the tournament. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of this trios team. Tied for #4 in the online poll.

3. People’s Champs. Kandi Kids (Vertigo @NotEnoughVaughn & Fuerza @FuerzaEsTuPapi)-Once again, we get further proof as to the importance of the fan poll. This week these guys dominated from start to finish after having a flawless 3-0 weekend and in doing so, managed to grab a #3 ranking. This is their first ranking and it’s a good one, for sure. They cruised to an undefeated weekend in Canada. Now the interesting thing will be seeing if they can build on that weekend with some more victories in the upcoming weeks. #1 in the online poll with 45 votes.

4. Aeroform (Louis Lyndon @LouisLyndon31 & Flip Kendrick @FlipKendrick)-This underrated tag team did something that a lot of people probably didn’t expect and that was to knock off The Young Bucks to win the SCL Tag Team Titles. They’ve been doing a lot of good things and the voters have noticed it, but they haven’t quite cracked the Top 5 yet due to their on again off again teaming, but this week was different. Score a win over one of the best tag teams in the world and you make everyone take notice. Aeroform did exactly that.

5. OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist @OIFK1324)-Speaking of underrated tag teams, this team has been #1 twice in the Tag Team Top 5, but yet still lack the respect that they probably rightfully deserve. They put on good matches every time they team but for whatever reason, they’re forgotten many times in the conversation about best tag teams in the world. The D1W Tag Team Champions helped cement their elite status on 9/6 by winning a 4 Way Tag Team Match to retain the titles vs. The Soul Shooters, Madman Pondo & Tommy Dreamer, and DJ Hyde & Alex Colon. They have an upcoming CZW Tag Team Title shot to further prove just how good they are as a team.

Honorable Mention. The Killbillies (Aric Andrews & Evan Banks)-The CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions came VERY close to yet another ranking in the Top 5 after defeating Nick Richards & Jason Miller to retain the titles once again on 9/6.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Team IOU-#3 in the online poll
Eric Locker & Shiloh Jonze-Tied for #4 in the online poll
The Jollyville Fuck-Its
Primer, Inc.
The Forgotten
The Country
The Elite Players
Jimmy Havoc & Paul Robinson
The Classic Connection
The Addiction

And there it is, the top 5 of the most popular independent tag teams of the world as voted by the fans as well as independent wrestling writers across the country. To check out their offifcial web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their Facebook page at They can be found on Twitter @IndyPowerRankin.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie as well as The Barbwire Blog’s official Twitter @BarbwireBlog


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