Road To Bellatrix X: The Flame Throwing, Hot Rockin’ Violet O’Hara


Violet O’Hara is nothing short of amazing in the ring, and she’ll gladly tell you. The reigning Bellatrix British Champion is one lucky girl after beating Erin Angel for the belt earlier this year, but will her luck run out against Lady Penelope, who has recently aligned herself with Sammi Baynes and Axl Lynch for a shot at success?

In her new interview, Violet will talk about the match as well as other topics that comes her way.

1. Can you tell our readers what happened in your previous match against Erin Angel at Bellatrix 8?

I became British champion that’s what happened!!! Can you believe it…it was a shock, the match itself  was a British rounds match, I took the lead with a early pin which then later in the match, Erin evened that up then I managed to hit the OMG and became the victor. It was one of the most  challenging matches I’ve had in my career. Erin is a brilliant at what she does and it was very enjoyable and one that wasn’t just physical challenging but mentally too. I just remember sat crying in the corner after it was announce  that we had a new champ, I don’t think I was even listening all I could hear was the adrenaline buzzing in my ears and my own voice saying “Oh Lord.” (Laughing)

2. How does it feel like to be the reigning Bellatrix British Champion?

Brilliant. It the first step up that ladder, next stop the European. 😛   I can now finally say I’m a champion and i deserve it, I just have to prove it wasn’t a fluke, now there is a lot of pressure because when you achieve that status of a champion you have a target on your back as you have what others want. Like in life you have to be careful who to trust which I’m continuously finding out, people think I’m a push over and I just accept things I want  to show  that I’m not an easy target no matter what people may think. Keep pushing me and I’m gonna eventually push back, take note everyone will be in for surprise when that  day comes and that’s a promise. I’m not just saying it!!!  I’d hate to be the person who  bares the brunt of it but like I say I’m just too nice.

3. With Bellatrix X coming at the end of September, you will be going one-on-one with Lady Penelope for the Bellatrix British Championship. What do you expect from that match?

I thought I knew what to expect as I’ve watch her wrestle countless of  times so now most of her tricks  but her recent actions have made me unsure how to approach this match. I was confident that I knew her but with her now joining the team of Axl (Lynch) and Sammi Baynes, I have no idea how its going to pan out. All I know is that  I’m gonna give her one hell of a fight. I worked my butt off for that title and I’m not letting it get taken away that easy.

4. Outside of Bellatrix, what kept you busy in the wrestling scene?

I’ve been lucky to have been involved with other shows and promotions. One of the main ones is Tidal Championship Wrestling. I have a match in October; team Tidal vs team CZW. My opponent is Kimber Lee, which I’m pretty  excited about.

5. Recently you’re highly involved with the British Bombshells promotion. What it’s it like to work in  that promotion?

Its great I get to work with girls i wouldn’t usually get the chance to work with and who are at various stages in the career.

6. With the Bellatrix debut of Allysin Kay at Bellatrix X, do you think she will be a perfect fit for Bellatrix?

Definitely, she’s a warrior. We’re all warriors at Bellatrix and watching her work i think  she will  fit in perfectly.


7. In closing, would you like to leave a final comment for your fans as well as Penelope?

To my fans new and old I really appreciate all your support and  a massive thank  you to those who believe in me and have done from the start and continue to follow  me through my journey and watch my progress, you can  contact me @lil _missviolet  or keep updated  with what I’m up to by liking my  fan page where I will be posting results on upcoming shows and  recent pictures, along side  any other  information…as for Penelope, two words game on…I’m ready when you are. I just  hope your judgement hasn’t been  clouded. See  you on the 29th of September. xxx

Special thanks to Violet for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for her help in the process. To keep up with Violet, file her on Twitter @lil_missviolet.

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