Road To Bellatrix X: The Nordic Valkyrie Rises


Miss Mina has been extremely busy as of late, being a fighting champion for DOA Wrestling. But that all changed a few weeks ago.when Penelope beat her for it with a little help from La Viuda Negra. But come Bellatrix X, she will be up against a fellow Bellatrix mainstay in “The Bombshell From Hell” Skarlett.

In her latest interview, Mina addresses her match as well as review the match between her and Lady Penelope. Don’t ever intimidate the Nordic Valkyrie in this one.


1. You haven’t been in Bellatrix since the 30 Woman Rumble. What was your thoughts on the match at the time?

The 30 woman rumble was a war sone, I went in quite early in the match and went out of the ring as number 28. A good 30 min with constant brutal hitting and kicking. I was really not happy when i was eliminated, as i was mindset on winning it! and being eliminated so close to the Finnish line was a big blow! I did my best in there and the odds was not in my favor when i picked such an early number!

2. With Bellatrix X coming at the end of September, you will be going up against Skarlett. What do you expect from that match?

This match will be fun, Skarlett has a big mouth on her but she is also quite brutal in the ring. The problem with the bombshell from hell is that she lacks respect and wrestles without honor! I will go out there with the crowd behind me, knocking her ego down a few sizes! Obviously she acts careless, and hides behind her crazy ways. but I know when facing me The Nordic Valkyrie her act will be a complete fail!


3. Outside of Bellatrix, what kept you busy in the wrestling scene?

Scandinavia has kept me quite busy, defending my belt the NWWA title. There is a female scene growing over here and its just amazing seeing it happen!

4. Recently you just lost the DOA Championship top Lady Penelope. Can you tell our readers about that match?

I did yes, I went on a wrestling tour just a few weeks back and in my match in Gothebourg Sweden for GBG wrestling i had a title defence of the DOA sirens championship.
It was a match i enjoyed until La vuida Negra a female wrestler in Sweden knocked me cold with my belt, Penelope saw her shot and pinned me! I honestly thought Penelope had more integrity than that, but clearly she is a lost one!

5. With the Bellatrix debut of Allysin Kay at Bellatrix X, do you think she will be a perfect fit for Bellatrix?

I love how Bellatrix is takin in awesome talent from around the globe. I have heard great things about Allysin and hopefully she will feel right at home with the girls at Bellatrix. We welcome her with open arms, ill even get her some mead!


6. In closing, would you like to leave a final comment for your fans as well as Skarlett?

Im pretty sure i have been able to get under your skin Skarlett, and your careless act is at an end. Hopefully you will have the guts to give me an honorable match at Bellatrix 10 and show them all how wrong i am. Win or loose, lets have a battle miss bombshell. For my fans and everyone else showing their amazing faces at Bellatrix 10. I hope you all will enjoy the show and make a lot of noice for us! Im looking forward to see you all again!! SKÅÅÅL

Special thanks to Miss Mina for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight and Axl Lynch for their help in the process. Yup keep up with the Nordic Valkyrie, check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @Nordic_Valkyrie.

To learn more about Bellatrix, check out their Facebook page at and hit the like button. Also check them out on Twitter too @BellatrixFW.

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