Road To Bellatrix X: Never, Ever Call Liberty A B-Plus Player!


As the leading lady of the new generation of Bellatrix warriors, Liberty takes herself extremely seriously. From beating Courtney Rush for the Bellatrix World Championship to being a runner up at this year’s Queen of the Ring, Liberty is a rising star in the UK. Now she is locked and loaded for battle against one of women’s wrestling’s most prized products, AK47 herself Allysin Kay for the Bellatrix World Championship. This is the second time this year the rising starlet faced an individual who is on 2013’s PWI Female 50 (Rush at #23, AK47 at #31).

In her latest interview, Liberty talks about the upcoming scrap between her and Allysin Kay as well as Bellatrix IX. You don’t want to miss what Liberty is saying.

1. You came close to beating Lady Lory for being Bellatrix’s new Queen of the Ring, but unfortunately, you can’t up short. Can you explain what happened?

After both wrestling twice already that night, I knew that Lady Lory and myself had to bring all we had into the final match! And just this once I fell short of winning the tournament, but I take my hat off to her she gave me one hell of a match! Would have a rematch any day.

2. When Penelope turned her back on you and Saraya Knight, what was your reaction?

I was completely shocked, of all the people to turn on me in such a way, Penelope was the last person I thought would do this. But that’s fine, I won’t be forgetting what she has done any time soon and the day I step into the ring with her, she’s gonna know that Liberty won’t be taken advantage of like that.

3. So far, you’re heading into Bellatrix X as the reigning World Champion. How does it feel now that you finally captured the top  prize in Bellatrix?

Being the Bellatrix World Champion is a real honour. Knowing that I’ve got that top prize within the company not only means that I’ve reached a career goal of mine, but also every time I enter the ring with an opponent I’ve got to prove myself worthy of defending and retaining my championship.

4. At Bellatrix X you will be putting the championship on the line against an opponent who is recognized in North America and Japan, the one and only Allysin Kay. What do you expect from that match?

If anything I think taking on a pro like Allysin Kay will be a great learning curve for me, someone with a lot of experience and knows how to use their skills in the ring. A challenge it may be, but a challenge I’m more than happy to accept.

5. Do you think that Bellatrix would welcome any international talent that has never wrestled in the promotion before?

I think Bellatrix is slowly but surely becoming the company that a lot of female wrestlers want the chance to wrestle for, and in my opinion that is only a good thing. Us Bellatrix girls are more than happy to take on anyone who steps foot in our company!

6. With the outcry of fans that want to see British wreaking back on the airwaves in the UK, do you think it will be successful if British wreaking does return to the television sets in the UK?

Time and time again people have said to me how much they miss seeing wrestling on tv. I really think if British wrestling does go back on air, it will be there to stay! It’s great entertainment that isn’t given enough recognition here in the UK. 

7. In closing, would you like top leave a last comment for your fans as well as Allysin Kay?

Like always, no matter who I’m facing, regardless of who they are, I’m going into my match prepared to give it my all and come out on top…So Allysin Kay you better be ready to take on the Bellatrix world champion!

Special thanks to Liberty for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for her help in the process. To learn more about Bellatrix, check out their Facebook page at and hit the like button. Also check them out on Twitter too @BellatrixFW.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie and the official Barbwire Blog Twitter @BarbwireBlog

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