The Cheerleader’s In Charge (Of STARDOM USA, That Is)


Even though Cheerleader Melissa may not have won the STARDOM Five Star Grand Prix, it’s confirmed on the STARDOM Twitter account that the SHIMMER Champion will be taking on a more off-screen role to help build the STARDOM brand in the USA.

Here is the press release as follows (Translated from Japanese to English):

Melissa appointed representative in the USA founded stardom!

9, 23 Korakuen tournament after the end of conference is carried out, lossy Ogawa president attended with Melissa, I announced the STARDOM USA branch establishment. The thing Melissa appointed, and that the goal of USA tour held in the future to the branch president. In addition, the contract “ClickWrestle,” said women’s wrestling video site in the United States up to, so that the image of stardom is transmitted to the world from the United States from the end of the year. This site can be viewed in the billing system. Address

Melissa of San Francisco who are “Here was appointed to the branch president. You thought or the booking of various foreign players taking advantage career until now, that it’ll let you help me with that stardom is to advance the future Ogawa. I think if there separate women’s professional video site of America’s largest, ClickWrestle is of that (ClickWrestle), and either let to disseminate information rapidly from the end of the year it has a contract with there with it. ”

Although this is a huge leap from wrestling to management, talk about taking on a new role with pride. But don’t think she’ll hang up her boots just yet, she’s got a long way to go before she calls it quits. Although Melissa is still an active competitor, this reminds me full well when hockey legend Mario Lemieux came out of retirement whole owning the same team he played for; the Pittsburgh Penguins. Also this reminds me of when Michael Jordan laced up his Air Jordans to play for the Washington Wizards, while he was still team president. Melissa won’t retire just yet, as this new opportunity will give her a broader perspective of the business side of Wrestling.


But I do have to say. this role will suit Melissa just fine, although she might make some appearances for STARDOM in the future, but she’s very smart outside the ring, and that’s what matters. She’s also a 15 year veteran of the business, so she knows the ins and outs of the business, because she breaks it down to a science. And once she makes the right decisions to help bring in top American stars to STARDOM, she’s got it made.

My congratulations to Melissa on her new role as branch president of STARDOM USA and hopefully she’ll help bring in several top stars in the US Women’s Wrestling scene to Japan in the future.

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