Has The Authority Gone Stale?


When you turn on WWE Television every Monday or Friday night, one thing that is extremely constant each and every week is The Authority. The group spearheaded by font office executives (and minority shareholders of WWE) Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H has been getting a lot of heat for a long while. But to be honest floods, this act is overexposed. There, I said it; OVEREXPOSED. And extremely stale. And that’s not only hurting the shows, it’s hurting the product. Anybody can debate what I said, but there’s no denying the fact that this act is getting nowhere after Daniel Bryan’s injury and going into multiple feuds after that.

But don’t get me wrong, they fly a future start in the making in Seth Rollins, and add the Bryan talents of Kane and Randy Orton, The Authority has some stability. But with the recent grumblings of fans about the group being on television more often, it’s not gonna change the perception of the aisle. After all, WWE controls what the fans want them to control. For example, those IWC morons who wanted to see Brock Lesnar become WWE Champion despite the fact he has no passion for the business and is a part of the company part-time, and these clowns got their wish. What about the traditional fans who support the product and wanted to see a guy who shows up every night to put on the best match possible? They’ve been replaced by the bullying fans who want to see their favorites; like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro; and that’s the kind of fans I have a huge problem with. With The Authority on TV every week (Or on occasions when Stephanie and Triple H are not available due to vacation time or business meetings), the fans are starting to complain and boo them out of the building.


I think this angle is getting real old after a full year of constantly burying Daniel Bryan (Who of course the #1 ranked wrestler in the PWI 500, not bad for a guy who a company disrespected him and leveled him a B+ player) and walking over people to get their agendas in full order, but it needs to be fresh and needs to be more updated to have some relevance and longevity. But after a year of this charade this group needs some full-scale changes to attract more heat from the fans. If this stale routine keeps up any longer, expect viewers to find other programs to watch on either Monday or Friday night.

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