Here’s To You, Stew

One of the best journalists in the women’s wrestling field is gone. Stewart Allen, one of women’s wrestling’s most talented writers and one of Ringbelles founding fathers has passed away last night at the age of 37. Stew along with Lee Burton started Ringbelles, one of the best sites that covers women’s wrestling as well as the Women of Wrestling podcast. Most of his work inspired me to strongly support women’s wrestling from all over the world, regardless of which promotion. A majority of The Barbwire Blog’s articles have complete coverage of women’s wrestling, particularly Bellatrix since the Blogspot days and into the WordPress era. In addition, he did commentary for Bellatrix, CMLL, and NJPW, just to babe a few. Whatever happens to the Ringbelles brand is for now uncertain at this point, but all I know is this; there won’t be another one like him. His passion for women’s wrestling is unmatched. I’m sure Ringbelles will live on through his talented work ethic.

On behalf of the short-handed staff of The Barbwire Blog, I send my deepest condolences to his friends, family, colleagues, and the women wrestlers he met along the way. Like I said, there will never be another one like the late Stewart Allen.

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