TNA – Are they Fighting to stay alive?

Before I start I will introduce myself. I am Dave Webber and have been a wrestling fan for many years. I recently had the opportunity to start to work with my local promotion in the UK and have interviews and show write ups with them. I also write on TNA. I really like the brand and I will hopefully bring my opinion to their product, whether I think its good or bad. So here we go with my first post – Enjoy.


I have not written much about TNA in the last few months; instead I sat back and took in everything I was seeing. Was what everybody was saying about their demise actually true, were people just hoping they would fold because they preferred WWE? Who knew the truth??

Well personally I don’t watch WWE, not because I don’t want to, but I refuse to pay for the channels needed to view it, that was the reason I liked TNA. It was easily accessible and for me thoroughly entertaining. The problems arose with the Hogan era.


As much as I thought Hogan would bring more and more fans into the TNA fold his overall influence tried to take Impact in the totally wrong direction. They started to believe they could only entertain the fans by trying to emulate WWE – Wrong – all it did was make people turn off.

After watching for the last month or so it has become very obvious that the company have had to pull back on the purse strings, but it must be said the product has not suffered at all, well in my opinion anyway. Their time in New York was the first thing to notice. They have started to play to smaller arenas, left the entrance videos out and gave the whole show a much grittier independent feel.

That was such an improvement to seeing them play to half empty arenas, and straight away you could see the fans were connecting again. The other BIG change was the return to the 6 sided ring, something hardcore fans had been asking for, for a long time. This was the thing that made TNA stand out from the rest-a niche if you like. No other brand had used one before and it is really nice to see it back in action.

In the last few weeks some old faces have been returning too. Low Ki and Homicide, and the return of Tajiri. Homicides “Gringo Killer” finishing move in my eye has to be the most brutal finisher I have ever seen. I have yet to see the latest PPV, Bound for glory. But I have read mixed reviews on it. I like the fact that Impact can take their brand to different countries, in the UK especially they have no trouble filling the biggest arenas so it will be interesting to see how they are accepted in Tokyo.

Are TNA fighting to stay alive? None of us know for sure. I think myself they are doing what they can to re find their original footing, is it too little too late? I for one will be gutted if they fail, and the USA will be a lot poorer if the WWE are the only brand on people’s lips. TNA aren’t trying to fight WWE and they aren’t trying to be WWE. Let’s just hope enough of us fans want to see something a little different on the TV


Well there we are. In the next few weeks I will start going into a little more depth on the shows as they are happening, and I will be getting an interview up with TNA superstar Manik so keep them peeled


Feel free to comment on my posts, any feedback is gratefully received. Alternatively you can catch me on Twitter. I am @ecwdave


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