VALKYRIE Needs Some Aussie And Kiwi Flavor

VALKYRIE WPW has a lot of talent from across the United States and Canada. But I have to say, there are plenty of talent in the world that can hang with the best of them. I’ll start with Australia and New Zealand because of the talent depth the area has for women’s wrestling. I hope the ladies that I list would be an interesting fit for VALKYRIE in Brooklyn.


Jessie McKay

Jessie McKay is an incredible talent when it comes to facing top notch talent, but will VALKYRIE be a perfect for “Everyone’s Favorite Girlfriend?” In my opinion, yes; because she brings some credibility and charisma to the fledgling promotion. I hope everybody agrees.



The leader of #TEAMKICK isn’t new to the US Women’s Wrestling scene, as this kick-happy Khalessi made several appearances in SHIMMER and SHINE. But if by any chance, will she make an impact in Brooklyn with VALKYRIE? I reckon so, because she has the tools and the the talent to fit in with the best of women’s wrestling.


Shazza McKenzie

The tag team partner of Veda Scott would be a solid fit for VALKYRIE because she has the talent and charm to fit in. If there was anybody who fits in well with any promotion, it’s Shazza McKenzie, no doubt about it. Anybody who disagrees are complete fools.


KC Cassidy

If this talented young woman from Australia has any chance of being involved with an American promotion like VALKYRIE, my answer would be yes because she has the unlimited charisma to fit in with any promotion. She just made her US wrestling debut and hopefully she will make more trips to the US real soon. Plus, she’s a perfect fit for the Brooklyn fans for showcasing her Tough Girl Swag and intense heart. Like Jay-Z says, “Can’t knock the hustle.”


Kellie Skater

Why would I picked The Rate Tank on the list? Easy, her ability to match up with the best the world has to offer is practically unmatched. She may have a few years under her belt, but I think she would be a great fit for VALKYRIE. The current SHIMMER Tag Team Champion has appeared in many promotions in the world, but if VALKYRIE opened its doors for international talent, they better call in Skater. She’s got this.


Savannah Summers

The toughest, meanest girl to ever hail from South Australia will be a great addition to VALKYRIE if they are interested. I would definitely love to see her participate in the only women’s wrestling promotion in New York City, if she’s interested. If there was ever a better got for VALKYRIE, it has to be Savannah Summers.


Demi Bennett

I would have to go on a limb here and say if VALKYRIE was interested in a talent like Demi Bennett, they would be foolish not to get her involved, because Demi has one of the best kicks in the business. Demi is a solid fit for VALKYRIE if she’s able to join, which I have no doubt she will be able to join the promotion of she was able and willing.


Madison Eagles

The former SHIMMER Champion will no doubt be a great addition for the Brooklyn based promotion if management had any interest in her. The former PWI #1 ranked women’s wrestler in the world in 2011 has lots of marketability and credibility  to VALKYRIE and make no mistake about it, Madison has the tools to help put VALKYRIE on the map.

Savannah Summers and Madison Eagles photos are credited top Cory Lockwood Photography

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