Nicole Matthews May Be SHIMMER Champion, But Here’s Why I’m Pissed Off


Let me be perfectly clear for what I’m about to say. I am in no way criticizing SHIMMER. Not at all. But I do have to criticize an individual for utilizing underhanded tactics to win a championship in that fashion and the fans who supported that disgusting display. As everybody should know, I’m basically pissed off that Nicole Matthews cheated her way to become SHIMMER Champion. After that Fatal 4 Way that also featured Cheerleader Melissa, Athena, and Madison Eagles, when  it came down to just Matthews and Eagles her partner-in-crime Portia Perez came down to ringside to give Nicole some needed help, which later became a fireball to the face of Eagles, resulting in the filthy 1-2-3. But someday, some way, Madison Eagles will knock her into another zip code.

I’m personally tired of being heckled by people who basically don’t get the fact that Nicole Matthews cheated her way to be SHIMMER Champion. Cheering for Nicole Matthews for me is like rooting for the Boston Red Sox, both of which will never happen in a million years. I’m starting to get sick of women’s wrestling after last weekend.

Sure SHIMMER needed a new champ, but that title should not be held by someone who stooped that low to be champion. That’s a major problem in my opinion. I would never support anybody who go that far to utilize those kinds of tactics like a fireball to the face. That don’t sit well with me at all. Call me a traditionalist nowadays, but that’s how I feel. But regardless of what people think, I will continue to support the women’s side of the sport, but cheering for an individual for cheating her way to victory makes no sense at all.

I don’t care if anybody tries to convince me that was a clean win, but that doesn’t change my stance on the subject. I say how I feel and everybody may not agree with what I say, but at least I want to get my point across. I basically just can’t stand an individual who go that low to be champion and the fans who defend that sort of thing.

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