Fun Bag Edition: What Does The Future Hold For Melissa, Courtney And Kacee?

Today’s commentary piece will be a mixed bag of sorts. Although this column has a bunch of random opinions, this should be interesting but thought-provoking. Now, on to the first topic.



While it is certain that Nicole Matthews may be SHIMMER Champion as well as its top heel, but there is one question I have to ask, where does Cheerleader Melissa go from here? Even if she’s no longer SHIMMER’s top heel, she’ll never be over as a fan favorite. In my opinion I think a tweener role would be necessary for Melissa to remain relevant and still be an integral part of the roster. I also have to wonder if she takes a break from SHIMMER, something I completely disagree with a fan on the SHIMMER forum. Melissa is a part of SHIMMER lore, and for her to leave the promotion let alone miss a weekend is sacrilegious.

One of my colleagues in the field of wrestling journalism thinks that Melissa will go down a similar path as MsChif after she lost the SHIMMER Championship after a long run with the gold. Melissa will stay in the upper mid-card until she chooses to quit wrestling. And while that role will not see Melissa win another championship in SHIMMER, that only leaves the WSU Championship and NCWFF Championship the only titles Melissa hasn’t won yet. If she stays in that upper-mid card, she will more likely to be a jobber to the young talent, even though she is the most experienced. I certainly do believe Melissa deserves another opportunity at the SHIMMER Championship when an opportunity arises, but to see her without a championship to end the year and probably be without any championship gold in 2015 in my opinion will make her feel irrelevant and not as good as she thought she was.

Another opinion from one of my good friends was that Melissa losing the title may open the possibility of her going to Shine. She may be aged out of WWE’s consideration, but Shine seems to have a lot of use for veterans. Or maybe Valkyrie in case the opportunity calls for it. Maybe a Shine or Valkyrie Championship run could resurrect Melissa’s love for the gold? I think so.



Overlooking Courtney Rush is a big mistake, and last night she proved she belongs with the big girls. After she beat the aforementioned Melissa in a no-holds-barred for the NCW Femme Fatales Championship, this sets her up against one of the toughest women’s wrestlers in the UK, Saraya Knight. Let’s just say they had a long staredown at the end of the event.

This potential match-up can be traced back to Bellatrix 7, when then-Bellatrix World Champion Courtney Rush joined the side of Bellatrix shareholder Axl Lynch and RQW European Ladies Champion Sammi Baynes. If this match happened, this will have brutality in the highest order. I know one thing; Getting in the ring with a dangerous Saraya Knight is like facing a tank with all the essentials. But is the leader of the Rush Revolution scared? You bet she isn’t.

Let’s hope Rush cracks into the PWI Female 50 this year after a successful year.



If people think Sumie Sakai was going to walk out NYC as Valkyrie’s first world champion, they thought wrong. Last Friday night Kacee Carlisle put Sakai down for the 1-2-3 to become the first Valkyrie World Champion. This is one of many titles after her successful run as the NWA World Women’s Champion.

Although this came off the heels of Nicole Matthews capturing the SHIMMER Championship, this victory makes me completely happy that someone was deserving to be champion and continue to scratch and claw their way to reach the pinnacle of their success. Kacee Carlisle proved that it takes power and athleticism to be a champion, not just cheating tactics. And the opportunities are there for the taking for her to continue her path of success.

Take a bow, Kacee; You deserve it.

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