British Wrestling Belongs On TV


Once upon a time, British wrestling ruled the airwaves in the UK, featuring talented men from Britain performing that craft for their fellow countrymen. Now, British wrestling returned to television in the form of WAW Epic Encounters, based on the events held by the promotion itself. The WAW roster features several well-known names like Roy and Zak Knight, Steve Corino, Doug Williams, Aaron Sharp, Marco Marinelli, and many more of these talented individuals. Women’s wrestlers like Liberty, Sammi Baynes, Penelope, Skarlett, Destiny, and Lady Lory also provide some talent and athleticism as focal parts of the Bellatrix roster. WAW as well as Bellatrix are under the watchful eye of Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, and the platform that they are given is undoubtedly a successful one.

The fact that WAW is broadcasting over the airwaves in Great Britain is that the promotion’s ten year history of promoting high-quality matches for the fans is undoubtedly been a success no matter where. It’s also being broadcast on YouTube as well, just a few days after their original broadcast. It gives them an huge opportunity to build their audience to those who missed out on an episode or gaining a following across Europe and North America. Lots of promotions have used that tactic for a while now, starting with RESISTANCE Pro in Chicago and going as far as River City Wrestling in San Antonio. If WAW keeps this up, expect them to have a loyal American following.


I applaud the Knight family’s efforts to bring British wrestling on UK TV and so far, this is nothing but a positive for them. I hope those in America get to enjoy some great wrestling from Great Britain and those in the UK enjoy some impressive matches from WAW.

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