Road To Bellatrix 11

Well folks, with the holidays upon us, the women of Bellatrix will spread some holiday cheer on Saturday, December 13 at EPIC Studios in beautiful Norwich, England with Bellatrix 11. Now this card has some great stories and solid matches from top to bottom. First off, there’s a good tag team match between Shax and Lilli fae taking on Elise Leia Innes and Elsie Paige. Although we may see some good teamwork and great moves during the match, this has all the makings of a great outing between these four ladies of Bellatrix.

Now that Penelope has taken a break from wrestling, the Bellatrix British Championship has been declared vacant. Now there is an an tournament to declare a new champion. And now here are the matches:

Erin Angel v Bacardi

While Bacardi has been a bit busy after Bellatrix 9, she might see this tournament as an opportunity to become a champion in her own right. As a former British Champion, Erin Angel will try to capitalize on her upset victory over the reigning Queen of the Ring Lady Lory and regain possession of the title she once had. These are two of the most talented Bellatrix girls going up against one another in this first round matchup, and this match will have some high impact moves and big spots along the way. Let’s see who can come out on top.

Lady Lory vs. Addy Starr

Speaking of Lady Lory, the reigning Queen of the Ring will try to rebound from that shocking loss from Erin Angel make it two tournament victories this year for the decorated Bellatrix star. While she has been involved in a war of words with Destiny during the summer, Lady Lory seems to be a bit focused at the task at hand. As for Addy Starr, this will be her Bellatrix debut as she looks to capture Bellatrix gold in her first show. The All American Canadian has faced top names like Cheerleader Melissa, Courtney Rush, Xandra Bale and many others; this match with Lady Lory well be a test to see if she take on the stiff competition in Bellatrix.

Nixon Newell vs. Violet O’Hara

One of many debuts for the Bellatrix brand, Nixon Newell has made a name for herself in the UK women’s wrestling scene, facing some top talent wherever she goes. But she will face a top notch opponent in the former Bellatrix British Champion “Hot Rockin’ V” Violet O’Hara, who came of a shocking defeat at the hands of Penelope at the last event. Looks like the Pocket Rocket will need to be the Chu-Chu Rocket against this Bellatrix newcomer while at the same time rebound from the humiliating loss.

Chanel vs. Aurora Flame

Coming of a wild victory over Saraya Knight (The assist goes to Sammi Baynes with the Singapore cane), Chanel has set her sights on championship gold. But there is a roadblock in her way and that roadblock is the returning Aurora Flame. This match will have all the essentials for this event.

The main event features Bellatrix World Champion Liberty takes on RQW European Ladies Champion Sammi Baynes one on one. This feud stretches all the way back to Bellatrix 7 last year when Courtney Rush screwed Liberty out of the RQW European Ladies Championship and helping Sammi win the title. This also started a war for control between Sweet Saraya and Axl Lynch. For Sammi Baynes, it’s all about proving that she had become a dominant champion in the pocket of Axl Lynch. For Liberty, it’s all about proving that she has become a champion with a lot of heart. Look for this one to get brutal fast.

Another match worth noting is Miss Mina taking on one of the most decorated women’s wrestlers in the UK, the incomparable Saraya Knight. Mina is coming off a loss to Skarlett and is looking for a big win a few weeks before Christmas. Sweet Saraya has plenty of issues with Axl Lynch since Bellatrix 7 and it hasn’t gotten started. And after the events of Bellatrix 10, a wild brawl ensued between Axl Lynch’s handpicked champion and the fighting pride of Norwich is an implication that Saraya is not one to mess with and not one to be called a dinosaur. These two have not faced each other since 2007, the year when Sweet Saraya suffered an injury that could have ended her career. This match will have epic storytelling as The Nordic Valkyrie once again takes on The Matriarch of the Knight dynasty.

Check out the wild brawl at the end of Bellatrix 10 here:

Tickets available at 0800 046 8164 in the UK. Prices for admission are £20 ringside, £8 General (discount tickets if attending WAW in the evening). Get down to EPIC Studios and catch the stars of Bellatrix for the biggest event of the year.

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