Jim Ross Is Back In The Saddle, This Time For GFW


Jeff Jarrett has struck gold.

A year after WWE fired Jim Ross after a WWE 2K14 symposium got out of hand, Jeff Jarrett reached out to JR and have him the opportunity to be the English announcer for Wrestle Kingdom 9, co-promoted by New Japan Pro Wrestling and Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling on January 4, 2015. The two sides have been talking for weeks about Ross returning to the broadcast table and provide commentary for the biggest event in wrestling history at the famous Tokyo Done, but finally after months of speculation, the two sides agreed.

“When you think of the great events in wrestling over the past 30 years one of the things they have in common is the man behind the microphone. And that man is Jim Ross,” Jarrett said in a press release earlier today on GFW’s website. “I’m excited for this event, and I’m excited for good ol’ JR to be a part of it. GFW fans wanted him, and from day one we have said we’re going to give our fans what they want.”

Looks like Double J is doing just that; giving fans what they want to see. GFW may be a far cry from TNA, but with the talent they got for this event will blow TNA out of the water. This venture will see the promotions that partners with GFW flourish because of Jarrett’s marketability and business-savvy. Plus, Jarrett has that brand name he’s got to put GFW on the wrestling map. Whatever works, it’s working so far.

As for JR, the opportunity to broadcast the biggest event in wrestling history is just too good to pass up.

“I am truly honored and excited to have been asked to be a part of this historic event,” Ross said in the same press release. “To be able to return to my roots and to provide play by play for an amazing, pro wrestling product will be special. I never thought I’d ever return to ringside for a wrestling event but this opportunity was just too special to turn down.”

Let’s hope the return of Good Ol’ JR provide the spark it needs to put GFW on the wrestling scene. Fans desperately are looking for an alternative to watch some quality wrestling, and so fat nothing is working. With TNA off the air next year until a TV deal is in place and WWE is just a mess with storylines right now, GFW has the chance to put the wrestling world on notice and deliver the top notch show the world had ever seen. I know it will be a great show from top to bottom.

But let’s not get our hopes up about Jeff Jarrett’s upstart promotion just yet, it still has a way to go to being the legitimate #2 promotion in the world. But with a great partnership with NJPW and many other promotions worldwide, look for GFW to be the true alternative to TNA’s poisonous brand of professional wrestling. But hey, it has a legitimate shot if they have a stacked roster.

But for now, just enjoy this event the same way you enjoy wrestling for what it is; entertainment.

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