The 2014 Barbwire Blog Legacy Awards: LuFisto’s Legacy Etched In Stone


In the women’s wrestling scene, some have shed their blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are in this industry. Some become champions. Others were not good enough. But one person changed the perception of women’s wrestling in her 17-year career, and that is LuFisto. Debuting on June 23, 1997, LuFisto has battled them all, from Sara Del Rey to Cheerleader Melissa, from Amazing Kong to Saraya Knight, and from Mercedes Martinez to Kana; and her career was never the same. A former NCWFF Champion and currently the reigning WSU Champion, The Wounded Owl Ronin has battled a stroke and beat it because of her resiliency and heart, and she came back from a knee injury that sidelined her for months. And that’s saying something.

A pioneer of women’s wrestling in her native Quebec as well as the first woman to take part in the Cage of Death Match in 2006, LuFisto along with Stephane Bruyere started NCW Femme Fatales, one of many successful women’s wrestling promotions in North America. LuFi puts it this way; “For a very long time, I was the only female wrestling in Quebec and it has always been very tough,” she says in a 2013 interview. “When the opportunity of giving the girls a place to call home was given to me back in 2006 by Kim Leduc, I jumped on the occasion. The promotion was then known as “Association de Lutte Féminine (Women Wrestling Association). Unfortunately, the promotion was not financially able to bring international talent so many guys ended up on the shows. It closed its doors at the same time then its fellow man promotion FLQ in 2009.

“A few months later, NCW asked me to take charge of it women division. At first, I wasn’t sure so I spoke with Stephane Bruyere who was the main booker at ALF. We then decided to give it a shot if NCW would let us bring international talent, run shows every 3 months and be inspired by Shimmer. When NCW agreed, the sky was the limit for us and the promotion has been going strong since.

“Stephane is in charge of all the booking aspect of the show and gets help from wrestling historian Pat Laprade (author of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs) and I work on the multimedia stuff with Yan O’Cain and Sebastien Michaud.

“We have a great productive team and I’m proud the girls from here have a great world renowned place to call home that gives them the opportunity to meet with the greatest talents in the world and get exposure around the globe.”

From kicking butts in the ring to providing multimedia work outside it, LuFisto deserves the honors of a legendary figure. If women’s wrestling didn’t exist, she would never be around. For us, we’re lucky to have a talented individual like her in the ring.

We here at The Barbwire Blog honor LuFisto as our first recipient of our Legacy Award, given to those who left their mark in the industry and inspired today’s stars.

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