Inside Bellatrix: Making A Mark



While the mainstays of Bellatrix put on a solid show this Saturday, it was the new generation of Bellatrix Female Warriors that helped solidify the fact that the sister promotion of WAW is making waves across the UK. With the reigning Bellatrix World Champion Liberty evening the score against Sammi  Baynes, the same woman who beat her for the RQW European Ladies Championship; Chanel took home the Bellatrix British Championship after the belt was vacated due to Penelope taking a much needed hiatus from wrestling. With this unfortunate event, there was a tournament to decide who will be the new British Champion. And at Bellatrix XI, Chanel rose to the occasion.


In the quarterfinals, she beat Aurora Flame and in the semifinals she put former British Champion Violet O’Hara down. That set the stage for the grand finale; The rising star Chanel vs. “The Queen of the Ring” Lady Lory for the right to be called Bellatrix British Champion. It was a hard fought match, but in the end, the disciple of Saraya Knight made Lady Lory tap out to an armbar to become the newly crowned Bellatrix British Champion. Well deserved for a rising star in this industry.


As for Liberty, a Bellatrix VII rematch with Sammi Baynes was an all out war. But in this non-title matchup, Liberty made the former Norfolk Doll pay by forcing her to tap out to a Cloverleaf variation. But that wasn’t the end of it. After the bell Sammi beat up Liberty but not until Bellatrix minority partner Busty Keegan pulled the plug and sent Sammi Baynes packing. Don’t expect this war to be over.

With the debuts of Nixon Newell and Addy Starr, Bellatrix has become the destination for women to showcase their craft in front of an audience that really cares about British wrestling. No matter who shows up, it’s a great place to be a part of.

The veterans have the fans a show they would never forget.

But the new generation made their biggest mark in the promotion by holding two of Bellatrix’s top titles. And that’s something you can’t ignore.

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