The Authority’s Return Makes Me Apathetic About WWE


Now that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon once again run the show over on WWE TV, it is clear that this is too early to bring them back. Basically, this is the point where I get angry at the fact that the storytelling in WWE is getting stale and lazy, but in this case I’m not, considering that this is gonna happen sooner than later. This is why as a wrestling fan I have to admit it was a good job from Seth Rollins on the mic begging John Cena to bring The Authority back in power but I did not like the way it was handled, considering that Rollins was threatening to re-injure Edge by curbstomping him on the Money In The Bank briefcase. Far too soon to bring these two back, and of course the fans on Twitter took the time to complain about it; others praised it, including John “Bradshaw” Layfield himself. But hey, it’s a work. You gotta enjoy the moment. Just not this one.

While I’m completely apathic about the current direction WWE has been going in recent years, I’m extremly embarrased to be a fan of the company despite the fact that NXT is the best thing you’re not watching. Although there are some people in the company I like throughout this time, most of them are not that good. My apathy with this company has taken a downhill slide and so far it’s gotten a hell of a lot worse. The concept was great, but the execution itself was completely poor. I hope some fans will agree.


Hey Steph and Hunter, 2015 is coming and I know you guys are back, but the fans have seen enough, and they have had enough.

Any alternatives to this product, anyone?

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