Road To VALKYRIE IV: Ashley America Vs. The Policies Of VALKYRIE

Wrestling and America, a winning combination since the 1860’s when names like Viro Small, William Muldoon, Evan “The Strangler” Lewis, Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Toots Mondt, Lou Thesz, and many legendary names of the golden era made wrestling a popular sport. And with the rise of women’s wrestling promotions such as SHIMMER, WSU, SHINE and ChickFight, the women’s side of the sport has gotten so much attention from the internet wrestling media. And with VALKYRIE on the roar, the promotion has had a tremendous year last year getting themselves out there.

However, comments from Ashley America, a woman who holds tradition in high regard, has been of course misogynistic at best. Considering the fact that there is only one women’s wrestling match on a traditional wrestling card, women’s wrestling has come a long way from the traditional stuff, with SHIMMER leading the way of top notch wrestling promotions all over the world. With VALKYRIE making their mark on the New York wrestling scene since the ban on women’s wrestling in the area was lifted in 1972, maybe Miss Ashley America needs a little lesson on women’s wrestling history. With names like Mildred Burke, the Fabulous Moolah, and Mae Young made their mark on women’s wrestling, is pretty obvious that Miss Ashley America is trying to force VALKYRIE change their policies, but I highly doubt that it will do such things.

I hope she makes some sort of impact on January 23, when VALKYRIE invades New Jersey for the first time.

Check out her promo here:

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