STARDOM Has Gotten “Lovelace”-d And “Envy”-ious

It looks like Cheerleader Melissa may have gotten two talented stars to be a part of STARDOM USA for the next STARDOM trip.



With Hudson Envy and Heidi Lovelace on board for the first STARDOM event of 2015, it looks like STARDOM USA is proving themselves to be a solid force in the STARDOM brand. The reigning AAW Heritage Champion Heidi Lovelace has made an impressive impact in the women’s wrestling scene as of late. With Heidi on board, it makes a great difference because of the solid talent this woman has. Heidi is that good, period, and that says something. Hudson Envy, the reigning AWS Women’s Champion, is no slouch in her own right. Truth is, it’s Hudson’s world. Her opponents are just  squirrels tryin’ to get a nut. This trip to Japan it’s a highlight for the “Future of Women’s Wrestling,” as Envy well try to make a big name for herself in the Land of the Rising Sun. Heck, she made a name for herself when she and Melissa had had one amazing rivalry in AWS. Hudson is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

We wish them well in their Japan appearance and have to congratulate Melissa for helping talent get noticed on Japan under the STARDOM brand. It will be an.amazing opportunity for those involved.

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