The 2014 IPR Voter Awards: Wrestler Of The Year

Ladies and gentlemen, here it’s the official results of the 2014 IPR Official Voter Award for Wrestler of the Year. While the 2014 IPR 100 is a collection of 100 independent wrestlers based on their previous rankings throughout the year of 2014, the “Official Voter Awards” are 100% a ballot among the official voters of the Indy Power Rankings who gave a final year-end ballot where they each gave their Top 10 for the year. Their ballots are 100% based on the same criteria we used for Indy Power Rankings this year, namely the 3 major criteria that we use to rank wrestlers on a weekly basis:

1. Win-loss record for the week & overall
2. Strength of opponents for the week
3. Overall public perception of the wrestler in question (i.e. Chris Hero has a stronger following than a regional independent wrestler who most people have never heard of)

These awards are not meant to undermine the IPR 100 in any way, but many of the voters felt that some of the rankings at the end of the year were a bit inflated (or deflated as the case may be) and this was their chance to give their opinion on the year, in general.


1. Ricochet/Prince Puma-Cleary when it came to #1 in the IPR 100, there was absolutely no discrepancy among the official voters. He swept absolutely every official voter’s ballot at #1 in their Top 10 for the year and proved that he was clearly the true “Wrestler of the Year” on the indies. #1 in the IPR 100 and #1 in the official voters’ year-end ballots. In addition, he win two Ring Wars Golden Grappler awards for U.S. Indy Wrestler of the Year and Wrestler of the Year, as well as the winner of the 2014 Barbwire Blog Male Independent Wrestler of the Year award winner. What an impressive year for the “Future of Flight.” In 2014, he won the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Title, the HOG Heavyweight Title, the Lucha Underground Title, the NJPW Best of the Super Junior Tournament, and PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles…as well as a tag team title in the UK for a couple of days at least, no one could compare to him. It was indisputably the year of “King Ricochet.” Congratulations on a fantastic 2014 to one of the best wrestlers on the indies.

2. Michael Elgin

3. AJ Styles

4. Adam Cole

5. Kongo Kong

6. Kyle O’Reilly

7. Jay Briscoe

8. Uhaa Nation

9. Matt Cage

10. Johnny Gargano

Others receiving votes:
Drew Galloway
Chris Hero
Caleb Konley
Drew Gulak
Jake Crist
Chase Owens
Melvin Maximus
Biff Busick
AR Fox
Tommaso Ciampa
Shane Hollister

And there you have it, the 2014 Wrestler of the Year as voted by top wrestling journalists in the world. To check out their official web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their Facebook page at They can be found on Twitter @IndyPowerRankin. They can also be found on Instagram @IndyPowerRankings.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie as well as The Barbwire Blog’s official accounts:
Twitter: @BarbwireBlog
Instagram: @barbwireblog


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