The 2014 Barbwire Blog Legacy Awards: Scrap Iron Legacy


Work hard, treat people fairly, earn respect.

The three things that made Adam Pearce a five-time NWA World Champion is the same code of ethics that everyone must follow in order to be a successful professional wrestler. An 18-year veteran of the squared circle, Pierce hung up his boots and puts his focus outside of the ring.

During his time in the independent scene, he battled the very best in the business, from Sean Waltman to Colt Cabana to Brent Albright, and he has become a folk hero in professional wrestling. His biggest moment was on September 1, 2007, when he battled Albright for the biggest prize in professional wrestling, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, which he won. Along the way, Pearce went on to win the gold four more times.

But his rivalry with Colt Cabana had made Pearce into one of the greatest wrestlers who never made the big leagues full time. Their matches, dubbed “Seven Levels Of Hate,” was one of the best rivalries in independent wrestling to date.

Now that Adam Pearce has finally left wrestling, he had made his mark on the industry with his promo skills and booking abilities. Things like that don’t come along often, but Adam Pearce was one of a kind.

We here at The Barbwire Blog honor Adam Pearce as our latest recipient of our Legacy Award, given to those who left their mark in the industry.

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