Is The Old Guard In SHIMMER On The Way Out?: Tough Questions About SHIMMER’s Youth Movement

While the new stars of SHIMMER have made waves in recent memory, there is now a strong case of a youth movement on the promotion. But there is one question I have to ask…

Are the old guard of SHIMMER being forced out by the rising stars in the promotion?

That is one of the many questions that puzzles me so much. While Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez, MsChif and Madison Eagles are still involved in the company in some way, shape or form, the young stars have made use of their opportunity while the veterans have been set to the wayside. While the young talent can shine, what happens when SHIMMER becomes the promotion of opportunity for young up-and-coming women’s wrestlers from all over the world?

Here are some of the other questions that might need answering:

What happens to the veterans of they leave SHIMMER?


Mercedes Martinez is one of the many fixtures in SHINE.

Perhaps SHINE will give a crack at them, considering that some of them appear in the promotion. Although it is the opportunity for veterans that need their careers resurrected in a big way and SHINE is the promotion to do it.

If not SHINE, maybe VALKYRIE will give them that opportunity. After all, New York is the city of opportunity, and VALKYRIE can provide them plenty of opportunity to bring them back to their top form. I highly doubt that Kris Levin will bring on high quality names like Cheerleader Melissa or Saraya Knight, but at least he’ll give them a shot.

While other promotions are more than likely to give them a chance, the opportunity to resurrect careers is somewhat interesting, to say the least. Which leads me to my next question…

Will there be a strong case for a youth movement in SHIMMER?


SHIMMER's youth movement has taken notice by fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Names like Nicole Matthews...


Mia Yim...


...And Athena helped make SHIMMER the best women's wrestling promotion in the world today.

Of course, why wouldn’t it be? With the rise of Nicole Matthews, Athena, Mia Yim, Kellie Skater and Evie, SHIMMER had become a place for young talent to showcase their talent. It has become a proving ground for young talent and so far it has succeeded in a big way. Without youth, veterans wouldn’t flourish in any promotion. And finally, the last question that needs to be answered…

Will the SHIMMER veterans ever get an golden opportunity again while in the promotion?


Don't expect Cheerleader Melissa to win a title on SHIMMER. She's more likely to win a championship outside of the promotion.

I do believe that they will get another golden opportunity in SHIMMER, in case things aren’t going well as planned. While Madison Eagles is a clear favorite to become a two-time SHIMMER Champion, it’s more than likely that Cheerleader Melissa, Saraya Knight and other veterans might not hold any gold in SHIMMER again. This will force them to win gold outside of SHIMMER to ensure the fact that they have the desire to be champion outside of SHIMMER. 2015 has gotten it’s early start, and so far it’s a uphill climb for everybody to get back on top.

While these are the questions that with questioning, the old guard need to step up their game against the young talent. While some of them don’t get enough recognition they respectively deserve, 2015 will have all the answers for the talent involved.

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