WWE Doesn’t Give Us What We Want


Last Sunday in the City of Brotherly Love Roman Reigns pulled out victory in the Royal Rumble match. But Philadelphia didn’t love him after he won it. In fact it got to a point where irate fans who packed the Wells Fargo Center blocked his path out of the building, considering everybody had to beat the traffic on their way to the next town. But what happened last night proved me right on one thing; Philadelphia wrestling fans are a rowdy bunch of punks.

Earlier in the match we all saw the return of Bubba Ray Dudley and a showdown of former Wyatt family members, even a Daniel Bryan appearance in the Rumble. But when Bryan was eliminated, the fans were livid. And that’s where Roman Reigns comes in. And that’s where the boos start. And it got uglier until the end where Reigns win it all and The Rock trying to save his cousin from a beatdown from Big Show, Kane and Rusev. Well, I would never in my life boo The Rock but even he couldn’t put over his cousin with this group of wrestling fans.

This also brought back some memories of when Batista was booed at last year’s Royal Rumble match even he eliminated Reigns to win it all. The fans were so irate that the main event at WrestleMania XXX was altered to give Daniel Bryan a shot. And it succeeded big time. Last night, Reigns got the Boo-tista treatment, and unfortunately that was ugly from the word “Go.”

To quote my fellow Pro Wrestling Powerhouse colleague Eron Ramadanov, “As wrestling fans, we need to figure out what we want.” Well the Philly fans wanted a Daniel Bryan victory to give him that push for a shot at WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, but that isn’t in the cards. Someone that is a full-blown powerhouse needed to take on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, and that powerhouse is Reigns. It’s not gonna happen with Daniel Bryan considering he came back after a neck injury, and creative holding him down. But of course, wrestling fans can’t always get what they want when WWE does this kind of thing, but all in all, they keep watching every week and they will still pay for a ticket when they are in town. And they will always have a say in the product.

the road to Santa Clara. But hopefully the only thing that can salvage the event is a successful cash-in from Seth Rollins, and that alone will give the fans something to cheer about. While that might be possible, the opportunities are endless.

So try to enjoy wrestling for what it is…Entertainment.

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