May God Save Us From The Queen: Queen Maya Addresses Her Loyal Subjects


After a near two year wait, one of the most feared and most benevolent wrestlers on the Bellatrix roster makes her return. And that is Queen Maya herself. The tallest woman on the roster as well as the most dominant woman in Bellatrix’s history has been sidelined for a long while, but since she made her comeback late last year, she made her powerful presence felt. Now the Queen Mother of Italian Championship Wrestling and former RQW European Ladies Champion will make her return to England for Bellatrix 12 and she will not hold back at all. And yes folks, the Royal Forearm Of Steel is coming back with her.

In the newest interview here on The Barbwire Blog, the Queen addresses Bellatrix 12 as well as other topics as well.

Now, without further interruption, the Queen will address her subjects.

1. What kept you busy outside Bellatrix during your hiatus?

In June 2014, I became the mother of two beatiful girls: Alice and Giulia. In the following months, I dedicated myself to getting back into fighting shape and I made my return to the ring in my home promotion, Italian Championship Wrestling (, where I was able to recapture the ICW Women’s Title last October. However, in the meantime I’ve held my gaze firmly fixed on what was happening in Norwich. During my time away, lots of news stars became prominent in Bellatrix, such as Sammi Baynz, Blue Nikita, Chanel or Lady Lory, while my old rival Liberty got to the next level when she won the World Championship. But now, the time has come for me to come back and rule over Bellatrix as a true Queen should.

2. This month you return to Bellatrix after a near two year absence. Any idea who you might face?

Bellatrix is the number one female pro wrestling promotion right now. Its roster is made up of world class female athletes and many of them are surely salivating at the prospect of toppling the Queen from her throne. But hear ye, let it be known to any and all foes who dare cross my royal path: you will be brought down to your knees with no mercy nor remorse. Queen Maya is on her way to her righteous return to the top of Bellatrix and no one knows her “game of thrones” as well as I do. Victory will be swift whomever I shall face.

3. With the rise of women’s wrestling in the United States and Europe, do you believe that each promotion have the ability to utilize the best talent from all over the world?

They do indeed. The level of competition across the whole landscape of women’s wrestling has greatly increased over the last few years, and Bellatrix has spearheaded the resurgence of women’s wrestling in the UK with its high-level home roster and the arrival of several stars from Shimmer. Talent are moving between the US, Europe and Japan more than ever before and most of all, the demand is there. The audience want to see in their country the very best talent in the world, and that’s happening right now.

4. In case you face off against someone at Bellatrix 12, will your Royal Forearm of Steel be in play?

As people were able to see on Bellatrix TV on Sky Channel 203, my Royal Forearm of Steel is a lethal weapon which allowed me to knock out my opponents time after time. The steel is still in there and has been itching to be put back to use for a long time now. However, as a Queen I have learned to broaden my strategies and I have more than a few new royal techniques I will surprise my opponents with.

5. What is your take on the passing of Bellatrix commentator Stew Allen?

I was deeply saddened upon hearing the news of his passing. It left me gutted, as it did to so many wrestlers, promoters and fans alike. We all have memories of him. I met him in my very first few matches in the UK, he was there for all of them ever since Bellatrix started. He got to see me grow as a competitor and I consider myself blessed to have ultimately earned his support and esteem. He did so much to further the cause of women’s wrestling not just in Europe, but all over the world by giving it the in-depth coverage so many other websites would not give. He was a pioneer in his way and I’m proud of Bellatrix for honouring him with a tournament at Bellatrix 12.

6. What would you say is your best match in your recent comeback?

Definitely my match last October against Lady Lory stands out, where I won back the ICW Women’s Title just 4 months after becoming a mother. Lady Lory is a fierce competitor and she had been holding the ICW belt for a long time. She’s been one of my toughest opponents yet. Another match I should mention is the bout against my brother Mr. Excellent (Emilio Eccellente) during ICW’s annual, all-male “Il Numero Uno” Tournament last December. Keeping up with a male wrestler so resilient and experienced, I think, proved how passionate I am about competing in pro wrestling and pushing myself to become the best I can possibly be.

7. Did you catch any matches of Bellatrix during your time away?

Yes, like I said before I’ve kept up to speed with all of the Bellatrix action on Bellatrix TV ( I’ve been studying all of their matches and I have strategies ready for any possible opponent. The landscape is now more competitive than ever and I can’t wait to enter the battlefield and emerge victorious. The whole Bellatrix roster should brace themselves as their real Queen is back, stronger and more determined than ever.

8. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your supporters?

You can follow Your Highness on my Facebook and Twitter accounts at and , respectively. And make sure you’re seated there live, February 22, 2015, at Epic Studios in Norwich for Bellatrix 12. Queen Maya is coming back to her realm, and you will not want to miss what happens when my plan of conquest becomes reality. God save you from the Queen!

Special thanks to Queen Maya for her time for this interview. To keep up with her highness, check out the links in the 8th question.

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