Wild Card: Inside The Mind Of Skarlett


Skarlett isn’t you typical women’s athlete. A Bellatrix mainstay from the start, the “Bombshell From Hell” has made a lot of opponents miserable with her dreaded Skarlett’s Web finisher. Now at Bellatrix 12, Skarlett returns with a lot of aggression and off course she’s not afraid to unleash it on someone.

In her latest interview, Skarlett talks about the event and so much more. Of course she is not one to hold back on her words so without any further interruption, here is the interview in its entirety.

1. What kept you busy outside the Bellatrix scene?

I’ve been training hard, I’ve been appearing on certain TV shows that no doubt you will want to ask me about and in case it escaped your notice I’ve been recapturing gold ..  Just because I don’t have an army of little sycophants that kiss my ass and drop my name every ten seconds or the need to constantly update everyone on every mundane part of my life like countless others see fit to do – doesn’t mean I am not busy.  It means I’m a solitary huntress, a hellcat. I like my company just fine.

2. How was the British Boot Camp experience? Even though you didn’t win it all, but what was the competition like?

Boot camp was interesting, I’m the only competitor that left with the tag of being “too scary for TNA” hell I made Samoa Joe, Gail Kim and Al Snow jump out of their seats and out of their skin.

If that isn’t better than winning than I don’t know what is . I can honestly say I went there, I gave them all of the bombshell from hell they could handle and it was too much for them.

Their mistake. Not mine.

3. You will make your triumphant return to Bellatrix this month. Any idea on who you will be facing?

No idea. I seldom know until one of you journalist types tell me. Truth is I don’t really care, it could be any one off of the Bellatrix assembly line and I wouldn’t give a crap.

All I care about is getting the credit I deserve, the opportunity I have earned and I am going to continue to smash in the silly little barbie dolls that make the mistake of stepping the wrong side of the ropes until someone fucking realizes it.

4. Everybody will be keeping an eye on the Ultimate Champion tournament. Who do you think will win?

Everyone? EVERYONE???…..Bloody everyone? Let me tell you something. Everyone will not be keeping an eye because I do not give a flying crap who wins and becomes the so called ultimate champion.

None of them have the guts to defend their titles against me so why should I value any timid and intimidated weak champion like that?

So let me answer you- Who will win? Me, because I’ll be drinking a nice cold beer not giving a single fuck. Next.

5. What is your take on the late Stew Allen?

Stew’s untimely passing was a sad affair, he was a huge supporter of women’s wrestling and will be sadly missed as part of the team.  Now I’m uneasy with this sentimentality so let’s move on ..

6. In closing, would you like to leave a final comment for your supporters?

6. Supporters. What a rediculous notion that the the Bombshell from Hell would care about the opinions of sheep.
Of course there will be those that love me, fear me, respect me. I’m
Different .. I’m not a baby faced boy figured girl with little charisma..I’m unique, enigmatic… I’m everything your mother warned you about, I’m the irrational fear of the dark… I’m that cold prickle of anticipation on the back of your neck. Both hell raising and heaven sent.

I am saint, sinner, messiah, pariah. I am the light in the darkness and the blackest oblivion.

You may not like me, understand me or even respect me – But you WILL fear me.

… And I’m just getting started.

Special thanks to Skarlett for her time for this interview. To keep up with the Bombshell From Hell, flew her on Twitter @ExtremeSkarlett.

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