Road To Bellatrix XII: Hell Hath No Fury Like Sammi Baynes Scorned


After the events of Bellatrix XI, Sammi Baynes is hard at work proving she is the better woman in the ring come Bellatrix XII. After she lost to Liberty in an non-title matchup, she went as far as attack her rival; and after that assault, she was thrown out by Bellatrix part-owner Busty Keegan. With a SHIMMER roster spot at stake, the reigning RQW European Ladies Champion and the handpicked champion of Axl Lynch has an opportunity to put up or shut up when she enters the Ultimate Champion tournament.

In her latest interview, Sammi goes all out about the events of Bellatrix XI and the upcoming tournament at Bellatrix XII.

1.You and Liberty faced off in a champion versus champion match. What happened during and after the match?

Well obviously you know what happened, I somehow lost! It pisses me off I’m not impressed she caught me off guard but it won’t be happening again! Anyone who saw the match knows what happened after, I lost my temper and took it to Liberty. But like I said wont be happening again!

2. What kept you busy outside the Bellatrix scene?

Looking after my 3 year old she keeps me entertained! I’ve also recently been to Norway where I claimed another title, I think that’s 3 I have now! Pretty sure none of the other girls have that walking into the tournament so it’s a dead cert I’m coming out on top!

3. At Bellatrix XII, you will be a part of the Ultimate Champion tournament. What do you expect from the tournament in general?

The tournament will be no walk in the park obviously, there’s a reason the other competitors are champions too! But I’m smart and know my opponents and trust me they have no idea what they are letting themselves in for!

4. What is your take on the late Stew Allen?

To be honest I didn’t know the man very well but what I did know was about his passion for women’s wrestling and all that he did for it! For that I thank him and will make him proud at BELLATRIX XII.

5. In closing, would you like to leave a final comment for your supporters?

No thanks!

Special thanks to Sammi Baynes for her time for this interview. To keep up with Sammi, follow her on Twitter @SammiBaynes.

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