Road To Bellatrix XII: Liberty On A Rampage


Heading into a full year as Bellatrix World Champion, Liberty has made quite the impression as of late. Turning back challengers like Allysin Kay and Sammi Baynes has made her one of the most resilient champions out of the five women’s championships that’s out there in women’s wrestling. Now that she’s in the Ultimate Champion tournament, Liberty can make her impact as not only the title of Ultimate Champion, but also earn her a spot on the SHIMMER roster in April.

In her all new interview, Liberty talks about the tournament as other topics. Without any interruption, here is the interview in its entirety.

1.You and Sammi Baynes faced off in a champion versus champion match. What happened during and after the match?

Myself and Sammi Baynes have always had explosive, hard hitting matches! And our last bout at Bellatrix was no different. The match ended when I proved I was the bigger and better champion making Sammi tap out. I know for sure her ego has been hurt, and even more so she’ll be looking for her comeuppance at Bellatrix 12. 

2. What kept you busy outside the Bellatrix scene?

Outside of Bellatrix this year especially I’m looking to spread my wings! Whether it be all across the country or even further abroad, Liberty is gonna get out there!

3. At Bellatrix XII, you will be a part of the Ultimate Champion tournament. What do you expect from the tournament in general?

Given the fact that all four girls in this tournament are champions, heads are gonna clash. All of us are gonna be looking to prove not only who is the best champion, but who really is the best woman wrestler. I for one cannot wait to prove myself worthy.

4. What is your take on the late Stew Allen?

I can’t say I really knew Stew all too well, but the times I did see him he’d always been lovely! Such a passion for women’s wrestling which was wonderful to see.

5. In closing, would you like to leave a final comment for your supporters?

All I can really say is that I hope they’re ready for Bellatrix 12, and I hope they’re ready to see Liberty kick ass!

Special thanks to Liberty for her time for this interview. To keep up with Bellatrix, follow them on Twitter @BellatrixFW.

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