The Indy Power Rankings Results For April 13, 2015

Here we go with the Top 10 independent stars of the world as well as the top five tag teams of the world this week on the Indy Power Rankings on The Barbwire Blog; where we rank the best professional wrestlers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, from Europe to Japan. we’ll count down the 10 most popular wrestlers as well as the 5 most popular tag teams in the world this week, hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from independent wrestling writers for the week ending April 13, 2015. Now, on with the countdown!

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of April 13th, 2015


#1 Speedball Mike Bailey (@SpeedballBailey)-“Best of the Best” and #1 this week. The IWS World Heavyweight Champion defeated Buxx Belmar and Andrew Everett in the first round of CZW Best of the Best tournament on 4/11, then defeated CJP (CJ Parker) in the semi-finals, and then finally defeated Jonathan Gresham in the final to win the tournament and go 3-0 for the week. Amazingly, despite some good performances in the past, this is his first time in the Top 10 and it’s a #1 ranking. Much like talent like Ace Perry, Kameron Kade, and Blake Steel earlier in the year, winning an important tournament most definitely helped Bailey to this prestigious ranking. It was a career weekend for one of the best to come from our neighbors to the North as his loss to Rickey Shane Page at A1W on 4/12 was almost irrelevant due to the prestige of BOTB.

#2 Bad Bones John Klinger (@TheGermanPsycho)-Germany’s finest returns to the Top 10 after a VERY impressive 4-0 weekend in Europe. After gaining a solid #33 ranking in last year’s IPR 100, he has come on strong in 2015 once again as the IPW: UK World Champion defeated Kim Ray at wXw on 4/10, then teamed with Franz Engel the same night to defeat Die Schilds (Bobby Gunnz & Vinny the Beast). He followed those wins up when he defeated Miguel Ramirez on 4/11 and then defeated Julian Nero on 4/12. It has been a very good first portion of 2015 and with him being a European title collector, we expect much more of that as the year rolls on. In reality, with a  record like that, he had a solid argument for #1 this week…a spot that he managed to find his way into once in 2014. Can he do it again?

#3 Jimmy Havoc (@JimmyHavoc)-The very good year for Havoc just got a little bit better after going 4-0 on the weekend to once again return to the Top 10. The All England Champion, Progress Champion and Target Champion teamed with KYS (Damian Dunne & Pete Dunne) at FCP on 4/6 to defeat Clint Margera & Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate),  then defeated Dan Maloney at SWE on 4/9,  then defeated Cieran Donnelly on 4/11 at IPW:UK, and then wrapped up the weekend when he teamed with The Pledge at SWE on 4/12 to beat The Young Wolves (Tyler Bate & Dan Moloney). Havoc has been having perhaps the best year of his career thus far. Can he continue to build on this success?

#4 Masato Yoshino-5 wins, no losses and you’ve got Masato Yoshino in the Top 10 for the very first time. Hard to believe considering how great of a talent he truly is, but much of his success recently has been in various tags. In fact, all of his wins the last week were in tags at Dragon Gate. Of course he is 1/2 of the Open the Twin Gates Champions. Last week he teamed with Akira Tozawa at Dragon Gate on 4/6 to beat Millenials (U-T and Kotoka), then teamed with Shingo Takagi on 4/7 to defeat Dia.HEARTS (Kzy & Masaaki Mochizuki), then teamed with Shachihoko BOY on 4/9 to defeat Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu and Jimmy Kagetora) to retain the titles, then teamed with Shachihoko BOY) on 4/11 to defeat Jimmyz (Jimmy Kagetora and Jimmy Kanda), and then teamed with Shachihoko BOY on 4/12 to defeat Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu and Ryo “Jimmy” Saito). Let’s see if he can continue this success going forward.

#5 Santana Garrett (@BrittanyTNA)-The dominance continues for Ultimo Dragon 2K15 as Santana Garrett is collecting and defending titles everywhere she goes. With 4 titles to her credit and countless victories this year, she has been a staple of the Indy Power Rankings. After defeating Cherry Layne Thorne at Ring Warriors on 4/10 and then beating La Rosa Negra on 4/11, by our records she has around 21 straight victories. Aside from Tozawa, this type of success is unprecedented this year. Can she pass Tozawa in the IPR 100 before the end of 2015? With this type of run she’s on, it’s entirely possible. Once again, cheap plug for her interview on the Tag Team Top 5 Reveal a few weeks ago:

#6 Eddie Kingston (@MadKing_ston81)-The AAW Heavyweight Champion is finally rewarded for an excellent 2015 and one of the top independent wrestling titles in the U.S. with an actual ranking. He was suffering from the type of weeks that would feature a huge win and then a devastating loss. That being said, he turned it around this week by first defeating “All Ego” Ethan Page on 4/10 to retain the title and then by beating Aaron Xavier at DREAMWAVE on 4/11 to go 2-0 for the week. After a bit of a slow down last year as far as the Top 10, he’s starting to pick up momentum and with the importance of the title he holds, he could have a legit shot at really picking up steam in the near future.

#7 Johnny Gargano (@JohnnyGargano)-The former 2 time DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion and current Smash Champion found his way back into the Top 10 after a 2-0 weekend. First, he teamed with OI4K to defeat A Team (ACH, Davey Vega, & Mat Fitchett) at AAW/SHIMMER on 4/10 and then he defeated Donovan Danhausen at DREAMWAVE on 4/11. With 3 straight victories, Gargano is starting to get back in the driver’s seat to really start making some headway in this year’s IPR 100 after being ranked #13 in 2014 and even higher than that in 2013. Can he crack the Top 10 by the end of the year?

#8 Big Daddy Walter-FANTASTIC weekend for this German athlete. He teamed with Hot And Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack) to defeat Karsten Beck & Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster & Marius van Beethoven) at wXw on 4/10, then defeated Julian Nero on 4/11 and then teamed with Hot and Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack) on 4/12 to defeat Karsten Beck & Reich und Schön (Marius van Beethoven & Kevin Roadster) to go 3-0 for the week. If he can up his strength of competition and maybe pick up a handful of singles victories to go with the tag wins, he’s looking at the prospect of some very good rankings in the upcoming weeks and months. Look out for him.

#9 Nicole Matthews (@nmatthewsninja)-The SHIMMER Champion had a GREAT shot at getting the #1 spot but one loss ended up hurting (perhaps more than it should have) quite a bit this week. She defeated Heidi Lovelace at the joint AAW/SHIMMER show to retain her title on 4/10, then defeated Kay Lee Ray at SHIMMER on 4/11 to retain the title, then defeated Havok the same day to retain again, then defeated Madison Eagles on 4/12 to retain the title, and then teamed with Portia Perez to lose to The Global Green Gangsters (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) to go 4-1 for the week. Was it a double standard that she suffered for her loss while Bailey did not? Hard to say, but you can expect to see more of her in 2015 in the Top 10.

#10 Robert Dreissker (@RD_Avalanche)-We get an Austrian in the Top 10 this week as “The Avalanche” makes his way into the Indy Power Rankings after an impressive 3-0 week. 1/2 of GSW Tag Team Champions defeated Johnny Rancid & The Rotation at wXw on 4/10, then defeated The Rotation on 4/11, and then finished off the week when he defeated Miguel Ramirez on 4/12. More of these types of weeks and you’ll see this talent start rising up the Top 10. In the meantime, he rounds out this week’s Top 10 on a week that was very difficult to even begin to try to rank.


People’s Champ. Phage Pumpkinking (@PumpkinsGoBoom)-“The Pumpkin King” reigned supreme once again over the Indy Power Rankings’ online voting competition as he went to battle with Stevie Shields and came out on top by a score of 311 votes to 205. It was an impressive week for the UWC Online Champion who retained that title over Frank Wyatt on 4/11. He is now a TWO time People’s Champ, becoming one of the few to have done that this year.

Others missing out/receiving votes:
Cheerleader Melissa
Andrew Palace
Drew Galloway
Stevie Shields-#2 in the online voting competition with 205 votes
Madison Eagles
Nick Iggy-#3 in the online voting competition with 56 votes
Brett Taylor
Joseph Conners
Savannah Summer
Christopher Daniels
AR Fox
James Anthony
Blake Mitchell
Jessicka Havok
Brad Hollister
Nasty Russ
Nick Brubaker
Nick Diggz
Chase Owens
Rhett Giddins
JD Mariani
Tylor Sundae
Tommaso Ciampa
Ace Perry
Cedric Alexander
Izzy Shaw
Michael Duplante
Dean Draven
Shinjiro Otani
Shane Daniels
Flying Hawaiian Keanu
Yoshinobu Kanemaru
Taka Michinoku
Joey Avalon
Jimmy Jack Funk Jr.
Murat Bosporus
Casey Kage
Sugar Dunkerton
Ken’ichiro Arai
Saburo Inematsu
Super Shisa
Chris Masters
Jonathan Gresham

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of April 13th, 2015


#1 Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb)-This wasn’t even close. The Kimber Bombs dominated the official voters’ ballots this week. After going 3-0 and adding the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles to their trophy case, they were the clear cut #1 this week. Keep in mind they are also the SHINE Tag Team Champions and Kimber Lee holds ½ of the WSU Tag Team Titles, making her a Tag Team Champion in 3 major U.S. female promotions. On 4/11 they defeated The Global Green Gangsters to both retain the SHINE Tag Team Titles and win the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles. The same day they defeated Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale and then the next day they defeated Team Slap Happy to complete their flawless weekend. It’s their first #1 ranking as a team, proving that yes, the females DO deserve to be ranked right along with the men.
#2 Hot and Spicy (Axel Dieter Jr. & Da Mack)-Germany makes another impact in the Indy Power Rankings and the Tag Team Top 5 this week as the EWP Tag Team Champions teamed with Big Daddy Walter at wXw on 4/10 to defeat Karsten Beck & Reich Und Schön (Kevin Roadster & Marius van Beethoven), then defeated Reich und Schön (Marius van Beethoven & Kevin Rohde) on 4/11, and then wrapped up the week when they teamed with Big Daddy Walter to beat Karsten Beck & Reich und Schön (Marius van Beethoven & Kevin Roadster) to go 3-0 for the week. With seven straight victories to their credit, the former wXw Tag Team Champions are on the hunt to get their tag titles back AND to continue this impressive run of success. Perhaps their first #1 ranking will come soon?
#3 The Beast Squad (Monsta Mack & Kyle The Beast)-This is a team who could have grabbed a #1 ranking on almost any other week, but this week was VERY competitive with multiple teams having won 3 matches. The winners of the JCW Tag Team J-Cup get their first ranking after they defeated The Headhunters, Nick Gage & Lucky 13, & EYFBO to win the tournament on 4/10. With 3 victories in one weekend, they’ve got all the momentum on their side going forward. With JCW really starting to make an impact recently, they most definitely will have shots to build on this ranking coming up.
#4 Monster Express (Masato Yoshino and Shachihoko BOY)-The Dragon Gate Open the Twin Gate Champions defeated Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu and Jimmy Kagetora) at Dragon Gate on 4/9 to retain the titles, then defeated Jimmyz (Jimmy Kagetora and Jimmy Kanda) on 4/11, and then defeated Jimmyz (Jimmy Susumu and Ryo “Jimmy” Saito) on 4/12 to go 3-0 for the week. Impressive week for the most dominant faction in all of Dragon Gate and the very faction that has pretty much dominated the Tag Team Top 5 no matter what combination of talents they throw together.
#5 Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza)-This tag team finally got the credit they deserve after they won the DREAMWAVE Tag Team Titles on 4/11 after defeating AC/DC. They also teamed with Louis Lyndon to defeat Christian Faith & The Wet Bandits at AAW on 4/10. With a 2-0 record on the weekend they were able to crack the Tag Team Top 5, but with so many teams with 3-0 weekends, they were unable to get much higher than this spot. That being said, they are active all over the Midwest, so expect to see a lot more of them throughout 2015.


People’s Champs. Tower of Power & His Royal Tenis-The NEW QWA Tag Team Champions EASILY won the online voting competition this week after they defeated Rocko Rumble & Curtus Jaxx and Gingero & Seth Tylors to become the inaugural tag team champions in Australia on 4/11. Congratulations to the promotion as a whole as they have now won TWO online voting competitions proving that QWA may be a force to be reckoned with this year.
Honorable Mention. The N Words (Bryce Benjamin & Acid Jaz)-They are the NEW Freelance Tag Team Champions after defeating The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) on 4/10 in the semifinals of the title tournament, then defeated 4 Star Heroes (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) the same day to win the vacant titles and go 2-0 for the week. They have won 5 straight matches as a team.
Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Worst Case Scenario
Slim J & Fred Yehi
Tits N Teeth
DenKo & Nok Su Kau
Lunatic Militia
Biggie Smoove
Los Tortugas Ninja
New Age Kliq
Polo Promotions
Team Dream Futures
Punk Rock Pow Wow

And there you have it, the 10 of the most popular independent wrestling stars as well as the 5 most popular independent tag teams of the world as voted by the fans as well as independent wrestling writers across the country. To check out their official web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their Facebook page at They can be found on Twitter @IndyPowerRankin. They can also be found on Instagram @IndyPowerRankings. Don’t forget to buy their shirts at

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie as well as The Barbwire Blog’s official accounts:
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