The Greatest SHIMMER Star Of All Time Results

This October, SHIMMER will celebrate their tenth anniversary; and the names and faces that came in the promotion are endless. Ever since 2005, SHIMMER has filmed 75 volumes, more than a thousand matches, and made starts out of several women in the process. And that is no small feat. Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SHIMMER Women Athletes, here is the official results of the Greatest SHIMMER Star Of All Time poll hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from our friends at Indy Power Rankings, featuring the best independent wrestling writers from around the world.

Our official voters are as follows:


  • Travis Desmond (@PhenomenalTLD)
  • Victor Philpott (@vicvonerich)
  • Mike Smith
  • Robbie Strothman (@UltraMantisBlue)
  • Chris Mudd (@WonkaStar)
  • Matthew Hollie (@matthewhollie)
  • Chris Pugh (@HashtagWrest)
  • Leon Muston  (
  • Dean Jackson (@Dean_JacksonGFX)
  • Jesse Von Ruden (@JesseVonRuden)


Now, without any further ado, on with the countdown!


1. Cheerleader Melissa (@FutureLegendCF)

A mainstay of SHIMMER since the very beginning, Melissa has been a dominant force for women’s wrestling throughout her career. A 2-time SHIMMER Champion, Melissa holds the record for most days as champion combined (728 days combined; 168 days in her first reign, 560 in her second reign), most appearances by a SHIMMER wrestler in the ten year history (All 75 volumes, including a run-in at SHIMMER Volume 61), and the longest streak of matches she has appeared in (60 in all, one that can never be broken), and the most successful record in SHIMMER history (An impressive 51-26, better than the New York Knicks). Although Melissa did not get any help in the fan poll as she was ranked #3, she did earn plenty of #1 votes and #2 votes from the official voters, making her the undisputed choice for the greatest SHIMMER star of all time.

2. MsChif (@mschifnet)

MsChif, one of the best names on the independent circuit, is one of the greatest women’s wrestling star in the 21st century, and her record shows. With the longest single title reign (715 days) and the most defenses (15 in all); and with a 31-22 record, she has gotten the attention of the industry. Ranked #5 on the fan poll, the official voters has given her the solid spot at #2 with a few #1 votes here, a few #2 votes there, and a couple of #3 votes along the way. MsChif may be one of the greatest champions in SHIMMER history, she is the provisional runner-up in this one.

3. Sara Del Rey (@TheSaraDelRey)

Sara Del Rey may go down in history as the first SHIMMER Champion in history, she is highly regarded as one of the best women’s wrestlers in this era. With a solid 36-15 record in her SHIMMER career, Sara is highly respected as one of the all-time greats in women’s wrestling. While she earned the #2 spot from the fans, the official voters gave her plenty of votes to boost her rankings.

4. Saraya Knight (@SarayaKnight)

A British wrestling legend and a highly respected wrestler, Sweet Saraya Knight may go down as one of the most influential women’s wrestlers in the industry today. With a record of 16-20 despite debuting in 2011 along with Brittani Knight (Also known as Paige in WWE), that did not stop her from climbing the ladder of success in SHIMMER when captured the SHIMMER Championship in 2012. While she managed to garner some votes from the official voters, she has gotten less favorable votes from the fans in the fan poll.

5. Madison Eagles (@SeriouslyEagles)

One of two SHIMMER stars that made the PWI Female 50 (The other is Cheerleader Melissa), Madison Eagles is one of Australia’s top athletes in women’s wrestling. A former SHIMMER Champion in her own right, Madison was sidelined for the majority of 2012 thanks to a knee injury; but returned full time in 2013 and is currently a constant contender for the SHIMMER Championship. Gaining a view #4 votes from the official voters, she earned the top 5 spot from the fans in the fan poll. While the fan votes matter, her 24-13 record in SHIMMER doesn’t matter thanks to her tremendous skill set.

6. Nicole Matthews (@nmatthewsninja)

Nicole Matthews, the current SHIMMER Champion, isn’t the most popular girl on the roster, but she knows how to get it done in the ring. While a 27-33 record doesn’t sting her one bit, her ring work is the most impressive out there. The Canadian Ninja did not get any support from the fans in the fan poll, she did garner a couple of solid votes from the official voters.

7. LuFisto (@LuFisto)

Well respected and highly regarded as one of the most inspirational and talented individuals on the SHIMMER roster over the years, LuFisto is the best in her field. With a 23-23-1 record in SHIMMER, the 15-plus year veteran always proves her doubters wrong no matter what. The current WSU Champion and NCWFF Champion gained plenty of good votes from the official voters, but not from the fan polls.

8. Portia Perez (@pperezninja)

One of the most talented athletes on the SHIMMER roster throughout her career, Portia Perez is also the most outspoken individual on the roster. With an ugly record of 24-34-2, she gotten no love from the fan poll, but she managed to earn plenty of good graces from the official voters however.

9. Jessicka Havok (@HavokTNA)

A former TNA Knockouts Champion and WSU Champion, Jessicka Havok is women’s wrestling. 10-9 in 19 matches in SHIMMER, Jessicka is one of the most fearered women’s athlete in the 10 year history in SHIMMER. She gained a few votes from the official voters, but gotten no support from the fans in the fan poll. No matter what, Havok can still go to town against individuals who dare disrespect her.

10. Mia Yim (@JadeTNA)

Currently in TNA under the name Jade, Mia Yim is one of the most underrated talents SHIMMER ever had. Her record is not the most impressive (12-21 in 33 matches), but her list of opponents are. She held her own against the best and the brightest each time, and is well-liked among fans. While she did not get many votes from the official voters and the fan poll, it doesn’t mean that she isn’t that good.


People’s Choice: Amber O’Neal (@amberoneal1)

If the name Amber O’Neal rings a bell, she was one of SHIMMER’s most recognized talents of all time. Currently a proud part of the Bullet Club under the name Amber Gallows, the #BulletBABE has not gotten any votes from the official voters, but she earned lots of support from the fans, earning her the #1 vote. While the 5-15 record in her 20 matches in SHIMMER is not a record to be proud of, her work outside of SHIMMER has earned her lots of respect from the fans.

Honorable Mention: Allison Danger (@allisondanger)

Without Allison Danger, SHIMMER would not have existed. She along with Dave Prazak started SHIMMER with the intention to showcase talented women from around the world. When she retired in 2013, she continues to run the promotion along with Prazak to continue building a brand for women’s wrestling fans all over the world.

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Ashley Lane




Daizee Haze

Tomoka Nakagawa


Mercedes Martinez

Ayako Hamada

Ayumi Kurihara

Brittani Knight

Leva Bates


Kellie Skater

Amazing Kong

Jessie McKay



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