Road To Bellatrix 14: Time To Put Up Or Shut Up



On June 14, the biggest rivalry in Bellatrix is coming to its conclusion as the Bellatrix World Champion Liberty goes head to head once again with Sammi Baynz; but this time the Bellatrix World Title is on the line. It might be an interesting choice, but it is a head-scratcher top day the least. Here’s how Liberty summed all this up in a post from her Facebook fan page:

“Well people here it is, decision has been made!…I’ve been thinking about who to face at Bellatrix 14, and its difficult because I have a responsibility to the fans to give them the best match possible. Trying to think which opponent would give me a match worthy of calling it a World Championship Match made me stop and think am I worthy of calling myself the World Champion? People keep telling me I’ve beaten the best from the U.S.A, Canada and Europe but there’s one person right on my doorstep who I need to beat. She’s beaten me in a main event for a championship before, next time we met I got came out on top but it was a non title match, then i get the chance to face her one more time, one more main event and this time the prize was the thing that I’ve been dreaming of my whole career, a Shimmer contract. The match was a draw, I got my contract, I achieved my dream but something was missing. I didn’t beat you. So at Bellatrix 14 I’m going to defend my World Title against Sammi Baynz because I need to beat her to prove to the her, to the fans and most importantly to myself that I am the true and deserving Bellatrix World Champion, Sammi, lets do this one last time, everything on the line and lets give the fans the match they deserve.”

While this is match is an interesting one to watch, it’s also a chance to see if Liberty can get the money off her back by beating Sammi Baynz once and for all; And it might be interesting to see if Sammi can become a Champion again after losing the RQW European Ladies Championship to Queen Maya at Bellatrix 13. No matter what, it might be a match worth watching.

Stay tuned for interviews with Liberty and Sammi as well as several others for Bellatrix 14.

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