The Baynz Decorum: A Chat With Sammi Baynz


If there is one dangerous competitor on the Bellatrix roster that isn’t afraid to be hard hitting, it’s Sammi Baynes. Once the Real Quality Wrestling European Ladies Champion, Sammi was always the most defensive. But once she faced former titleholder Queen Maya for the gold, let’s just say things didn’t turn out so well. Now all that leads up to one more match with Liberty for the Bellatrix World Championship. Now remember, this was the same woman Sammi faced to win the RQW European Ladies Championship at Bellatrix 7. While the two faced off in many epic battles, the two will appear at SHIMMER this year.

In this interview, Sammi discusses the match at Bellatrix 14 and a whole lot more. Without any further interruption, here’s the interview in its entirety.


1. What happened in your match against Queen Maya at Bellatrix 13?

Well everyone has an off day Matthew!

2. What did you think of Queen Maya as an opponent?

She managed to defeat me which will be one for her record books, I had a tough time with her so shes alright I suppose.

3. At Bellatrix 14, you will be facing Liberty one more time, but this time for the Bellatrix World Championship. What do you expect from that match?

To leave champion and that’s a damn certain. I’ve taken the Bellatrix division by storm since my return and I don’t plan on stopping now, I deserve this shot, I’ve defeated some of the best and many ‘has beens’ along the way and I’m about to show the world why I’m the best the business has to offer!

4. Since your comeback on 2013, you managed to hold on to the RQW European Ladies Championship for at least one full year. How did that feel to hold on to the gold for a long while?

Like I said I’m the best so it’s no surprise, Maya only defeated me because I had an ‘off’ night. When you know your the best there is to offer its a good feeling.

5. At Bellatrix 14, Miss Mina would be wrestling her last match due to health concerns. What do you think of Mina as a wrestler?

She’s the First Lady of Norwegian wrestling and an inspiration to all really she’s paved the way for a lot of female wrestlers today and it will be a sad day when she leaves.

6. It looks like you will compete for SHIMMER later this year, I’d say that’s one goal crossed off. How do you feel about being in the same building that houses great talent; such as Cheerleader Melissa, Nicole Matthews, Jessicka Havok, Madison Eagles, and your mentor Saraya Knight?

Well some of them I was with when Bellatrix hosted Bellatrix vs Shimmer so yeah I’ve seen the talent they produce and what it’s like, they’re all great! However I’m not intimidated!

7. In choosing, would you like to say a final comment for your supporters as well as Liberty?

The supporters and Liberty know me and know that all my comments and action are done in the ring.

8. Also for the SHIMMER fans, would you like to leave a last message for the likes of Cheerleader Melissa, Nicole Matthews, Jessicka Havok, Madison Eagles, and all the members of the SHIMMER roster?

The Shimmer roster is in for a nice little surprise when Sammi Baynz debuts, be nice, play nice and I won’t chew any faces off.

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