The Indy Power Rankings Results For June 1, 2015

The Indy Power Rankings Results For June 1, 2015

Here we go with the Top 10 independent stars of the world as well as the top five tag teams of the world this week on the Indy Power Rankings on The Barbwire Blog; where we rank the best professional wrestlers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, from Europe to Japan. we’ll count down the 10 most popular wrestlers as well as the 5 most popular tag teams in the world this week, hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from independent wrestling writers for the week ending May 25, 2015. Now, on with the countdown!

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of June 1st, 2015


#1 Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks)-Drew Galloway has arguably been the most dominant wrestler, regardless of location, in 2015. This past weekend at EVOLVE proved to be no different as he defeated Biff Busick on 5/30 to retain the Open the Freedom Gate Title, then beat Roderick Strong to retain the EVOLVE Title on 5/31. Galloway has been absolutely unstoppable this year, proving that he is one guy that even the WWE couldn’t hold down as he proved that his release could be a great thing. Is he the king of the indies right now? Tune into the IPR 100 Mid-Year Update on June 30th to find out where he ranks so far this year. This is his FIFTH #1 ranking this year, which is more than anyone so far in 2015.

#2 Aaron Epic (@RealAaronEpic)-If you go back and listen to the Indy Power Rankings Reveal from last week, we talked about the importance of the Florida J-Cup for I Believe in Wrestling. The host of the show picked Aaron Epic to win the tournament and those words proved to be prophetic as Epic defeated Josh Hess by DQ in the First Round, then beat Jesus Rodriguez in the Second Round, and then beat Lince Dorado in the Finals to win the tournament for 2015. You can go back and listen to that big hype central for the Florida J-Cup 2015 here:

#3 JT Dunn (@TheJuiceee)-“The Juice” has slipped under the radar this year after being heavily ranked time and time again last year. He returns to the Indy Power Rankings Top 10 after a long hiatus after a very good weekend in the Northeast. On 5/29 he defeated Ken Broadway at HOG, then he beat Andrew Everett at XWA on 5/30, and then wrapped up the weekend when he teamed with Chris Hero to defeat Team Tremendous at Beyond Wrestling on 5/31 to go 3-0 on the week. Can he keep this momentum going? He’ll need to pick up some more wins and continue the win streak if he hopes to secure a high spot in the upcoming IPR 100 Mid-Year update.

#4 Davey Richards (@RichardsWesley)-This wolf has been devouring his competition on the indies as of late. EVOLVE weekend was just another opportunity for him to shine as he may have earned himself a future EVOLVE title shot after another great weekend. First, he defeated Caleb Konley on 5/30 and then he followed that up with another win vs. Drew Gulak on 5/31 to go 2-0 for the week. Drew Galloway vs. Davey Richards? Who wouldn’t want to see that? TNA work aside, both men have been doing great work on the indies this year.

#5 “Bad Bones” John Klinger (@TheGermanPsycho)-One of Europe’s finest returns to the Top 10 this week. The IPW:UK World Champion defeated Demolition Davies, Michael Dante, and Scotty Saxon at wXw in Germany on 5/29, then beat Tommaso Ciampa at SWE in Switzerland on 5/30 to go 2-0 for the week. With 10 wins in his last 11 matches, Bad Bones has been tearing it up in Europe. A couple of years ago he was announced for IWA Mid-South’s TPI before it was cancelled…perhaps the time has come again for John Klinger to come to the U.S. to show what he can do?

#6 Will Ospreay (@WillOspreay)-It was a great 4-1 week for the RPW British Champion. At Progress Wrestling on 5/25 he defeated Mark Haskins in the quarterfinals, then defeated Roderick Strong in the semifinals, and then defeated Zack Sabre Jr in the final to win the tournament. His big loss on the week was when he lost the Speed King Title Match to El Ligero on 5/30 after winning a qualifying match earlier in the day. Great week for Ospreay who has been having an impressive 2015 so far.

#7 Samoa Joe (@SamoaJoe)-Three up and three down for Samoa Joe as he makes another stop to the indies to continue his success around the loop. On 5/29 he defeated Chris Dickinson at HOG, then did it again at XWA on 5/30, and then completed the trifecta when he defeated Dickinson again at Beyond Wrestling on 5/31 to go 3-0 on the weekend. Certainly if he would have had some diversity in his opponents he would have been ranked higher this week, but three straight wins against competition like Chris Dickinson is still quite impressive. Expect this type of success to continue if he continues to pick up bookings on the indies.

#8 Chris Hero (@TheChrisHero)-Chris is awesome? No doubt about it as he returns to the Top 10 this week after defeating Trevor Lee in a flat out war at EVOLVE on 5/30 and then teamed with JT Dunn to beat Team Tremendous at Beyond Wrestling on 5/31 to go 2-0 on the week. While Hero may not have a ton of titles to his credit right now, he’s still being booked and winning all over the world. This veteran has been putting on high quality performances for years and this past weekend was no different.

#9 Hy Zaya-Had it not been for the loss at Infinity Pro in a 6 Man Tag Team Match over the weekend, Hy Zaya likely would have been contending for the #1 spot this week. That being said, there was perhaps no bigger and surprising victory over the weekend than Hy Zaya’s victory over the monstrous Kongo Kong to become the NEW IWA Mid-South Champion on 5/31. This victory came after a big 6 man scramble victory earlier in the night to earn the title shot. Call him “The Hood Ninja” or just “The Ninja” but in 2015, with him holding both the CCW and IWA Mid-South titles, you damn sure better respect him.

#10 Brad Kevins (@Hawaiian_Hero)-The Anarchy Pro Cruiserweight Champion defeated Colin Cambridge & Brendan Conway at Blitz on 5/28, then beat Owen Travers on 5/30 to retain the Anarchy Pro Cruiserweight Title, then beat Lunatic at CSW the same day to go 3-0 on the week. This is his first ranking as he has been picking up matches everywhere he possibly can. With him being new to the Top 10, if he can keep this type of success going, the sky’s the limit for this young athlete.

People’s Champ. Bryan Skyline (@BryanSkyline)-For a second straight week, the UPW Champion wins the online voting competition after he defeated Nathan Gust on 5/30 to retain the title. With 176 votes, the voting competition once again belonged to him after rallying from behind. While he didn’t crack the Top 10 this week, his 3 straight victories most definitely keep him in the hunt.


Others missing out/receiving votes:
Troy Stevens-#3 in the online voting competition with 45 votes
Big R Shimizu
Santana Garrett
James Anthony-#2 in the online voting competition with 128 votes
Donovan Dijak
The Choff
Chet Sterling
Damien Synn
Joey Avalon
Kid Riot
Minoru Tanaka
Brodie Marshall
Jiro Kuroshio
Tommy End
Zane Dawson
Skylar Kruze
AJ Styles
Isami Kodaka
Masashi Takeda
Short Sleeve Sampson
Ryan Griffin
Wade Argento
Sage Sin Supreme
Jason Kincaid
Lightning Bolt Johnson
Joseph Schwartz

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of June 1st, 2015


#1 Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End & Michael Dante)-After being ranked #15 in the 2014 Tag Team Top 50, they really haven’t popped up in the rankings that often in 2015. Well, that all changed this week when they defeated The Origin (El Ligero & Nathan Cruz) on 5/25 to win the Progress Tag Team Titles. With 4 straight victories as a team, they managed to squeak out the competition for the #1 spot this week. Perhaps no other week has featured as much descension among the voters as this particular one. One thing that was a constant however was the inclusion of the Sumerian Death Squad into almost every voter’s ballot.
#2 London Riots (James Davis & Rob Lynch)-Much like the SDS, they have a little bit quiet in 2015 after having a phenomenal 2014. Like End & Dante, that changed this past weekend when they defeated The Righteous Army (Jimmy Havoc & The Pledge) and the Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter) on 5/31 to win the SWE Tag Team Titles. They also currently hold the IPW: UK, NGW, and FPW Tag Team Titles, showing that they very well may be the 2015 version of Juicy Product…in the UK…collecting titles everywhere they go.
#3 Death by Elbow (Chris Hero & JT Dunn)-This tag team is now finding their groove in Beyond Wrestling after a very slow start together. Hero and Dunn are cut from the same mold in terms of knowing how to knock their opponents out…and now they’re starting to click as a unit. Defeating Team TREMENDOUS at Beyond Wrestling of all places is no easy fete, but this relatively new tag team pulled it off on 5/31. If they can really start to branch out together beyond just Beyond Wrestling (no pun intended) than you’ll be seeing more and more rankings out of them as a team.
#4 Viking War Party (Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell @VikingWarParty)-There was an argument among the official voters this week as to the diversity of the competition VWP have faced The Hooligans on multiple occasions in 2015. Some voters argued that The Hooligans are one of, if not THE top tag team on the indies and a victory over them, no matter how often they compete against them, means quite a bit. The other side of the argument was that they need to pick up some wins over some new talent. All arguments aside, the CCW Tag Team Champions and most successful pairing of the 3 man Viking War Party group picked up a BIG victory over The Hooligans on 5/29 at PWAS Detroit to continue their recent success with another ranking.
#5 Tryout Show Rejects (Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch)-Bentley & Murdoch return to the Tag Team Top 5 after a big victory over The Viking War Party (Jake Parnell & Frank Wyatt) at IWA Mid-South on 5/31. While this tag team doesn’t have any gold as a unit to flaunt as of yet, they continue to gather momentum towards that future possibility. If/when IWA Mid-South reintroduces Tag Team Titles to the company, it’s very likely that The Tryout Show Rejects will be one of if not THE top contenders.
People’s Champs. Rochester Wrecking Crew (Hellcat @hellcat420 & Rob Sweet @RobJust2Sweet)-It was Team IOU in 2014 and in 2015 it appears to be The Rochester Wrecking Crew who absolutely OWN the tag team voting competition every time they make the poll. This week they collected an eye-popping 415 votes to easily win the competition, despite some spirited efforts from the other teams on the poll. It was their victory over Buck Gunderson & Nick Watts at Crossfire Wrestling on 5/31 that led the UPW Tag Team Champions back to the poll this week. This is their third time winning the online voting competition.
Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Joey Janela & Anthony Gangone
Pain Killers
Lethal Injection-#2 in the online voting competition with 106 votes
The Fellowship-#3 in the online voting competition with 100 votes
Indy Card Mafia-#4 in the online voting competition with 90 votes
Incredible Hunks
Cam-An Connection
Brendan Juarez & Supafli-#5 in the online voting competition with 26 votes
Team Dream Futures
Chicago Overcoats
JD Ward & Donovan Blignaut

And there you have it, the 10 of the most popular independent wrestling stars as well as the 5 most popular independent tag teams of the world as voted by the fans as well as independent wrestling writers across the country. To check out their official web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their Facebook page at They can be found on Twitter @IndyPowerRankin. They can also be found on Instagram @IndyPowerRankings. Don’t forget to buy their shirts at

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie as well as The Barbwire Blog’s official accounts:
Twitter: @BarbwireBlog
Instagram: @barbwireblog


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