Unordinary To A Certain Degree: An Interview With Lady Lory


Once you know the name of Lady Lory, you’re bound to know that this woman isn’t your ordinary lady. The Queen of the Ring has proven that she is the most dangerous woman on the Bellatrix roster, and so far it’s proven successful. After losing to Liberty at Bellatrix 13, Lady Lory has officially set her sights on the one gold that can salvage her 2015 campaign; The Real Quality Wrestling European Ladies Championship, held by her rival Queen Maya.

In this interview, Lady Lory addresses the matchup at Bellatrix 14, as well as reliving the match with Liberty at Bellatrix 13. So without any further interruption, here is the interview in its entirety.

1. What happened in your match against Liberty at Bellatrix 13?

From the start the both of us didn’t hold back. We knew what was on the line and we hit the crap out of each other. I took her on a ride through Suplex City. In the end, I made one small mistake and she capitalized.

2. What did you think of Liberty as an opponent?

Liberty has a lot of talent and I like to be in the ring with her. You never know what will happen until the bell starts.


3. At Bellatrix 14, you will be facing Queen Maya; A woman you have faced before in your career; for the RQW European Ladies Championship. What do you expect from that match?

As always, it’ll be a tough battle but I plan on showing her who the REAL Queen of the Ring is!

4. If you ever had a match against any women’s wrestler in the world in the present time, who would it be and why?

There are so many talented Girls out there, that I can’t choose.

5. At Bellatrix 14, Miss Miss would be wrestling her last match due to health concerns. What do you think of Mina as a wrestler?

Mina is a tough girl who doesn’t take shit from anybody. I had the pleasure of being in the ring with her a couple of times. I wish her good luck for the match with Sweet Saraya at #Bellatrix14.
No matter the outcome, you’ll always be a fighter.


6. What are the chances of you going to SHIMMER in the near future?

You never know what the future is holding. I hope to go to the States and SHIMMER sooner or later. My time will come!

7. In choosing, would you like to say a final comment for your supporters as well as Queen Maya?

I’m not your ordinary Lady, I’m extraordinary and Queen Maya will find out why on Sunday at #Bellatrix14.
You better be prepared and ready for a fight.

Special thanks to Lady Lory for her time for this interview. To keep up with the reigning Queen of the Ring, follow her on Twitter @TheLadyLory as well as her Facebook fan page at

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