What A Crime: Kasey Owens And LuFisto Gets Snubbed from Tough Enough

After several submissions for the revival of WWE’s Tough Enough, two notable names did not even make the cut; And those names are Kasey Owens and LuFisto. A heartbreaking end to a dream of entertaining fans all over the world on national television. For quite some time, I have been apathetic about WWE’s Divas Division and the fact that the division itself needs an overhaul because the talent in NXT clearly outshines those on the main roster. And of course that’s true.


Kasey Owens would have been a perfect for Tough Enough if she was selected. I could see her talent shine across the board because she is the most talented name in the business. An British Boot Camp alumna, Kasey would have risen through the ranks of the NXT ladder and become the 1st Irishwoman to win the WWE Divas Championship. That would be something.


LuFisto on the other hand have worked hard to get top where she is, and the fact that she’s never going to be in the big two companies really sickens me top a higher extent. Injuries aside, LuFisto had all the makings of a Divas Champion. Out of all of Mariko Yoshida’s students, none of them had ever won either the WWE Divas Championship or the TNA Knockouts Championship; And LuFisto would have loved to break that trend if she had the opportunity. Now the opportunity had passed her by, and sadly it might never come back.

I wish both ladies lots of luck in their independent careers however. It’s the only thing that keeps on going, and the fact that WWE’s idiotic hiring practices pissed me off to the highest level really can get to a guy. If there’s any consolation, I’d say the they’re better off in the indies.

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section.

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