The Best Vs. The Beast Part IV: A Special STARDOM Preview


This Sunday, early Sunday morning to be exact, the fourth installment of one of the most vicious rivalries in California will go international as Cheerleader Melissa takes on her student and rival Hudson Envy; And once again, the AWS Women’s Championship will be on the line, this time on international soil. With Hudson leading this rivalry 2-0-1, it might be Melissa’s last chance at winning the title that eluded her for months.


Their first two encounters were brutal but it ended in a disqualification thanks to Hudson faking a shot with her belt and Melissa choking Hudson out with the ropes. Their third encounter, now with former WWE Diva Melina as the referee and there was no disqualifications or count outs, ended in a draw. Not before Melissa drew blood on Hudson’s face that night. Their encounters were brutal ones.




Now with both of them in STARDOM, this match has lots of implications along the way. With the AWS Women’s Title on the line, who knows what will happen? Will the self proclaimed “Future of Women’s Wrestling” continue her reign at the top of the AWS Women’s division? Or will the “Female Terminator” close that chapter and finally get a win over her younger rival and take the gold in the process? The unpredictability of these two individuals shows that not only is the rivalry is brutal, but it’s also vicious since the Cheerleader Melissa/Saraya Knight feud.


It’s a matter of who wants it more.

(Photo credits: Larry Carlin & Richard Strickland)

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