Hogan Gets The Boot From WWE


WrestleMania didn’t have Hulk Hogan pairing up with Mr. T, Mr. T paired up with Jimmy Snuka. WrestleMania II didn’t have Hulk winning by climbing the steel cage, King Kong Bundy won by going through the door. And WrestleMania III did not see Hulk slamming Andre the Giant, but somewhat Andre tripped and the ref counted 3. Nevertheless, Hulk Hogan was given his walking papers by WWE thanks in part of a racial tirade that took place three years ago. Hogan’s profile on the WWE’s website was taken down as well as merchandise, according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer. His current job on WWE’s reality show “Tough Enough” is up in smoke for the time being, but as of this writing, no replacement has been named.

According to The Daily Beast, there were online reports that claim that the reason behind the Hulk Hogan removal is an audio clip from an interview that occurred back in October 2012, and featured Hogan on DJ Whoo Kid’s program Eminem’s Sirius XM hip-hop channel Shade 45, “Whoolywood Shuffle,” and that was uncovered online.

In the interview, Hogan brought up the infamous Booker T rant about him in WCW years ago that featured the N-Word, but in Hulk’s interview Hulk used the word, but not in a racist manner to say the least. It was an error on Hogan’s part, but if it was hostile, I’d blame him for it.

But despite of what he may have said in the interview, the WWE simply can’t scrub Hulk Hogan from their records, like they did to Chris Benoit on 2007. They just can’t. To have Hogan removed from their records is completely out of bounds and I might have to turn my back on the company. If WWE was smart, they should have let Hulk issue a public apology about the whole thing. While I find this situation completely pathetic due to the fact that the WWE is trying to be a family friendly company with PG-oriented programming and the toy contract from Mattel, it’s a bit overblown in my opinion.

Now, the next thing on everyone’s mind is this; What’s next for the Hulkster? I have no clue at this time, but some people might think another run in TNA would do some good for him, and GFW might not be out of the cards unless the cards were played right. This stunt pulled by the WWE is nothing more than a pathetic display of disrespect for what he has done in the wrestling business. Besides Hulk Hogan is best for marketing business when it comes to wrestling.

But dismissing Hogan for a useless racial tirade is bad for business.

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