STARDOM Comes To America


America is the land of the free and home of the brave, but in October STARDOM will officially make their USA debut with a couple of shows in the Southern California area. The Japanese-based promotion has a large following from women’s wrestling fans all over the world with their style of wrestling. This ain’t your typical woman’s wrestling promotion, this is hard hitting women’s wrestling  at its best. With names like Cheerleader Melissa, Io Shirai, Kairi Hojo, Chelsea and Hudson Envy on board plus the appearance of former WWE Diva Melina will really bring a new brand of women’s wresting to the United States.

Now I have been a fan of this promotion for quite some time now. As a fan, I love the strong style they put on plus with the talent they have assembled for quite some time really grabbed my attention. This is a big opportunity to perform in the US, and they have Cheerleader Melissa (Who also serves as the President of STARDOM USA) to thank for that opportunity. After all, Melissa is a 2012 Barbwire Blog Hall of Famer, a 2013 Barbwire Blog Independent Women’s Wrestler of the Year, 2014 Barbwire Blog Legacy Award honoree, SHIMMER’s Biggest Star (According to Indy Power Rankings) and of all things, #1 on Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50 in 2013; her influence in women’s wrestling is extremely great. Women’s wrestling is at an all-time high right now, with SHIMMER celebrating their 10th anniversary in October and RESISTANCE Pro giving fans women’s wrestling as main events, even the Divas Revolution in WWE is bringing us new match-ups every week. Bringing the STARDOM experience to the US has been Melissa’s vision from the word go, and now that will come to fruition with this tour. Now if it makes a stop in New York, most likely in Queens or Brooklyn, I’m sold.

STARDOM is one of the best women’s wrestling promotions in this decade, and STARDOM will make every fan happy once they put on top quality shows. The idea of bringing STARDOM stateside is a big risk, but it will reap the bigger rewards on the long haul. It’s not gonna happen overnight, but STARDOM will become the biggest import women’s wrestling has to offer.

Bringing STARDOM into American soil is, as Triple H would say, best for business.

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