Hammering The Misogyny Down


It’s no big secret that I’ve been a fan of women’s wrestling for sometime now, due in part of SHIMMER and Bellatrix, and for us they are great products when it comes to women’s wrestling. But one guy went on a rant and literally upset the applecart with said comments, and that is WWE Legend Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Mr. Valentine was on a podcast this weekend for the View from Filsinger Games Headquarters, the makers of great wrestling card games, for a one-on-one interview. During that same interview, he brought up his views on women’s wrestling, which of course pissed off the women’s wrestling fans worldwide. Here is the comments from that interview courtesy of Inquisitr.com:

“As far as girl wrestling, I would send them all out to the strip bar and fire ’em…I’d fire every girl wrestler I ever saw. They don’t draw any money, they have horrible matches. They’re terrible. That’s the way I feel.

“They take away jobs from men that need to support their families. They should be home washing dishes and cooking and pregnant and barefoot…I love women … but they gotta realize their place. They’re not supposed to be wrestlers. They’re not supposed to be MMA fighters or boxers. It’s bullshit.”

Women like Cheerleader Melissa...

Women like Cheerleader Melissa…

...And Santana Garrett don't deserve misogynistic remarks from anyone throughout their careers.

…And Santana Garrett don’t deserve misogynistic remarks from anyone throughout their careers.

Women should be home washing dishes and cooking and doing other things, that reminds me of a Cheerleader Melissa promo 5 years ago when she said this; “You’re gonna say that women don’t belong in the ring? Women should be at home, cooking meals for their men, doing this, doing that?” She don’t buy the chauvinistic comments from men throughout her career, which made her one of the leading ladies of women’s wrestling today. Greg Valentine’s comments about women’s wrestling is not only misogynistic, but disgraceful. Women’s wrestling fans have their point of view of Mr. Valentine’s opinion, and all of them are not that good. Here one of the greatest heels in our industry delivered an unpopular opinion and getting criticized for it. Women like Cheerleader Melissa, Santana Garrett, Barbi Hayden, Jessicka Havok and many others don’t deserve to be disrespected with those comments.

While WWE is in a Divas Revolution and independent wrestling seeing lots and lots of women’s wrestling, the comments made by Mr. Valentine is truly disrespectful in tone, and while the praises of names like Sasha Banks, Charlotte, paige, Becky Lynch, Cheerleader Melissa, Santana Garrett, Kacee Carlisle and many other talented women are highly recognized by the women’s wrestling community, the comments of Greg Valentine is vile and disgraceful and has no place for today’s wrestling world. I wonder if these ladies ever heard the words out of this man’s mouth. If they did, they’ll rip Greg Valentine a new one. Or worse, they’ll tear him apart.

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One thought on “Hammering The Misogyny Down

  1. I agree with you, but when most mainstream wrestling fans are only exposed to WWE (and in some cases TNA) I can see why a lot of these fans would hold these views, because of the way women’s wrestling has been booked in the past (especially during the attitude era and past that) And while it’s improving now with women like Asuka, Sasha Banks, Paige, etc. There are still some women in the business that do more harm than it than good…cough Eva Marie cough. Good thing I managed to get a hold of some All Japan Women’s tapes as a teenager.

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