The Barbwire Blog Weekly Awards For August 24, 2015

Welcome to this weeks Barbwire Blog Weekly Awards, where there will be fun and some humor involved. It honors the best while having a little fun. So enjoy this week’s picks! (Good News: This moves back to Mondays!)

Paranoid Dope Of The Week:

gregvalentine (1)

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Match Of The Week:


Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley (NXT Takeover, 9/22/15

Angry Guys Of The Week:


Angry Wrestling Fans…


For this moment created by Jon Stewart!


WMCA Good Guys Of The Week:


And now, here we go with the Top 10 independent stars of the world as well as the top five tag teams of the world this week on the Indy Power Rankings on The Barbwire Blog; where we rank the best professional wrestlers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, from Europe to Japan. We’ll count down the 10 most popular wrestlers as well as the 5 most popular tag teams in the world this week, hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from independent wrestling writers for the week ending August 17, 2015. Now, on with the countdown!

Indy Power Rankings For August 17, 2015


#1 Timothy Thatcher-It’s a second #1 ranking for the EVOLVE Champion as he continued his red hot streak over the weekend. First, on 8/15 he defeated Zack Sabre Jr. to retain the title and then he followed that up with another victory vs. Biff Busick in a brutal war on 8/16 to go 2-0 on the week. The importance of these victories combined with the prestige of the title he holds pushed him ahead of the pack this week in the eyes of the official voters. Thatcher has been having a stellar 2015 and with the momentum he’s got going for himself, he’s going to be tough to derail. Time will tell if he can fend off the challenges of the likes of Chris Hero and more as the months roll on.

#2 Chris Hero (@TheChrisHero)-The man who laid out anyone who got in his way at EVOLVE over the weekend claims the #2 spot this week after having a flawless weekend there. The former EVOLVE Champion defeated Speedball Mike Bailey at EVOLVE on 8/15 and then beat Zack Sabre Jr. on 8/16 to go 2-0 for the week. The strength of his victories, combined with his overall prestige no doubt led to his #2 ranking this week despite multiple people below him with more wins on the week. Could Hero become the first 2 time EVOLVE Champion?

#3 Robbie E (@RobbieEImpact)-On the surface this ranking appears to be out of left field, but look a bit closer. Robbie E racked up more victories than anyone this past week as he went 5-0 overseas. There were debates among the voters about the strength of his wins, but the 5 wins can’t be ignored. He is 1/2 of the NEW PWP Tag Team Champions after he teamed with Stevie Starr at Welsh Wrestling on 8/11 to defeat The Patriot, Jishin Katayama & Tommy Dean in a handicap match, then defeated Wild Boar at Welsh Wrestling on 8/13, then teamed with Danny Walsh at PWP on 8/14 to defeat The C2 Initiative (John Harding & Mark Walsh) to win the titles, then teamed with Danny Walsh at PWP on 8/15 to defeat Team H8 (Gideon & Jeckel) and then teamed with Danny Walsh at PWP on 8/16 to defeat JD Knight & UK Dominator, The Lionhearts (Eddie Ryan & Jason Larusso) and The Midnight Cowboys (Brad Hung & Mat Burn) in an elimination match to retain the titles. What an insane week for Robbie E.

#4 Chrissy Rivera (@ItsCeeRiv)-Chrissy Rivera gets her first official ranking as she won the DCW Women’s Title over the weekend with 3 big victories in the 3rd Annual Divas of Dynamite Tournament. On 8/15 she defeated Nyla Rose, then beat Amber Rodriguez, and then beat Aria Cadenza in the Finals to win the title and the tournament. It was a simply phenomenal weekend for one of the unsung females on the independent scene right now. If she can rack up some title defenses and solid weeks throughout the rest of 2015, she could be a force to be reckoned with.

#5 Caleb Konley (@calebkonley)-The FIP World Champion (and WCWC Legacy Champion) returns to the Top 10 this week after a very good weekend at EVOLVE. First, he teamed with Anthony Nese on 8/15 to defeat Rey Horus & Trent Barreta and then followed that up with a singles victory vs. Trent Baretta at EVOLVE on 8/16. While Caleb has not been experiencing the huge success in the Carolinas that he once was, he’s taken his talents to Florida and all points in between where he is absolutely tearing it up.

#6 Elia the Great (@Eliathegr8)-Elia the Great obtains his first ranking this week as he defeated Brian Fury in the Chaotic Wrestling King of Chaos Tournament on 8/14, the n beat Mark Shurman, and then won the tournament by scoring what many would call a huge upset when he defeated Hanson in the Finals. Unbelievable week for someone that has quietly toiling away on the indies the last several years without a lot of fanfare. That all changed over the weekend in New England. Can it continue?

#7 Anthony Nese (@tonynese)-Much like his partner Caleb Konley, he had a big weekend at EVOLVE as he teamed with Konley to defeat Rey Horus & Trent Barreta on 8/15 and then halted Ethan Page’s momentum when he defeated him on 8/16 to go 2-0 for the week. While Nese doesn’t appear to be quite as active as he has been in recent years, he’s still just as talented as anyone on the indies and as always, he can’t be taken lightly.

#8 Drew Gulak (@DrewGulak)-The former CZW World Champion got back into the Indy Power Rankings this week after a successful weekend at EVOLVE where he defeated Rich Swann on 8/15 and then teamed with Tracy Williams on 8/16 to beat Rey Horus & Speedball Mike Bailey to go 2-0 for the week. Gulak hasn’t achieved a lot of recent success, but this week was special for a lot of the EVOLVE talent and Gulak was no different. Can he knock Thatcher off his throne as the King of EVOLVE?

#9 Akira Tozawa (@TozawaAkira)-The Dragon Gate Open the Brave Gate & Open the Owarai Gate Champion is never far from the Top 10 as he just continues to pop up time and time again throughout the year. On 8/10 he defeated Tanizaki Toyonaka Dolphin at Dragon Gate and then beat Punch Tominaga & Super Shisa in a 3-Way Dance to go 2-0 for the week. With victories in 8 of his last 11 matches, Tozawa may not be on his ridiculous winning streak that he once was right now, but he’s damn sure relevant.

#10 Warship (@_Warship)-Australia represents again this week as Warship won the EPW Fortune Cookie Tournament on 8/14. He defeated Elliot Forbes in the quarterfinals, then defeated Gavin McGavin in the semifinals, and then defeated Bodhi McKenzie in the final to win the tournament and go 3-0 for the week. While he didn’t get any fan support this week, there’s no doubt that his week was very deserving of a spot in the Top 10, despite heaving competition all over the world.

Honorable Mention. Takeshi Minamino-The only other person to rack up five wins JUST misses out on the Top 10 after he teamed with Manjimaru at Michinoku Pro on 8/10 to defeat Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2, then teamed with Manjimaru on 8/11 to defeat Rui Hiugaji & Taro Nohashi; then teamed with Manjimaru on 8/12 to defeat New Phase (Ayumu Gunji & Daichi Sasaki) then teamed with Manjimaru and Ken45 on 8/13 to defeat Kenbai, Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2, and then defeated Daichi Sasaki on 8/14 to go 5-0 for the week.

People’s Champ. Mr. Society-The Rad:Pro EmbryoniX Champion defeated James Scott on 8/15 to retain the title and then secured a win in the online voting competition this week when he pulled in 191 votes from his fans and supporters to become the People’s Champ for the first time.

Others missing out/receiving votes:


James Anthony-#2 in the online voting competition with 164 votes

Isami Kodaka

Shingo Takagi

Santana Garrett

Beautiful Beaa

Barbi Hayden

Odinson-#3 in the online voting competition with 65 votes

Rickey Shane Page

Adam Chandler-#4 in the online voting competition with 40 votes

Jun Akiyama

Kameron Kade

Josh Powers-#5 in the online voting competition with 34 votes


Amaiya Jade-#6 in the online voting competition with 32 votes

Kyle Maverick

Darius Carter

Tyranus-#7 in the online voting competition with 28 votes

Taka Michinoku

Ultimo Guerrero

Carbon-#8 in the online voting competition with 21 votes

Drew Galloway


Rhett Giddins


John Skyler

Jason Kincaid

Tsukasa Fujimoto

Ryan Justice

Chip Day


The Lumberjake

Eddie Cruz

Cedric Alexander

Yohei Nakajima

Ramona Ramono

Crazy Mary Dobson

Idol Bane

Ethan Page

Matt Taylor



Anthony Greene

Ace Riviera


Tag Team Top 5  of August 17th, 2015


#1 The Hooligans (@BeardedBullys Devin & Mason Cutter)-In one of the closest official votes we’ve ever had, those bearded bullies just BARELY managed to edge out The House of Truth for their second straight #1. The FIP World Tag Team Champions have won 5 matches over the past 2 weeks after they teamed with Manimal to defeat Alex Rudolph, Hell Spawn, & Jake Parnell by DQ, then teamed with Manimal, Mosh Pit Mike, and Ray Basura to defeat Alex Rudolph, Jake Parnell, Hell Spawn, Jackal, & Ozzie Gallagher and then beat The Firm (Slade Sludge & Dustin Levay) on 8/16 to retain the titles to go 3-0 on the week. Their consistency once again pays off as they acquire their 4th #1 ranking. The question now is…can they acquire their 4th current set of tag team titles as an AAW Tag Team Title shot is on the horizon.

#2 House of Truth (J Diesel & Donovan Dijak)-This tag team came as close to getting the #1 spot as anyone ever has without quite getting it. They literally JUST missed out on the top spot this week after they defeated The Bloodbound Warriors (The Red Scorpion and Greywolf) in the quarterfinals, QT Marshall and Luis “Punisher” Martinez in the semifinals and Sudden Impact (Lio Rush and Patrick Clark) in the finals to win the 2015 Keystone Cup at LCW on 8/15 to go 3-0 for the week. This is their first official ranking as a team as much of their time has been spent recently in ROH which isn’t eligible for our rankings. We hope to see more of them in 2015!

#3 Rhino & Tommy Dreamer-This tag team has been fighting each other in some places and teaming in others. Good friends…better enemies? Who knows? Regardless, they teamed in PWA Canada on 8/15 as they defeated The Modern Day Warriors (Jimmy King & Derek Platinum) in the semi-finals of the 2015 Carrot Cup and then beat Stampede Sity Samaris (Johnny Devine & Ruffy Silverstein) in the finals to win the tournament. A 2-0 week nets them the #3 spot this week which is their first ranking as a team. Can they continue their success together or will this team remain one that is anything but permanent?

#4 Los Ben Dejos/Team Lucha (@LosBenDejos Eddie Cruz & Jay Rios)-This electrifiying tag team actually received some support from some voters at the #1 spot this week, but didn’t quite cash it in as votes were all over the place in a very good week for tag team wrestling. That being said, they did get the #4 spot to get themselves back in the public eye after a bit of time under the radar. They are the NEW Ring Warriors Global Tag Team Champions after they defeated Jeff Boom & Mitch Mitchell at Ring Warriors on 8/15 and then defeated Scoot Andrews & Simon Sezz the same night to win the titles to go 2-0 for the week.

#5 Bad Boy (Manjimaru & Takeshi Minamino)-Minamino was snubbed from the IPR Top 10 this week, but managed to slip into the Tag Team Top 5 with Majimaru. This duo defeated Rui Hiugaji & Taro Nohashi at Michinoku Pro on 8/11, then defeated New Phase (Ayumu Gunji & Daichi Sasaki) at Michinoku Pro on 8/12, and then teamed with Ken45 on 8/13 to defeat Kenbai, Yapper Man 1 & Yapper Man 2 to go 3-0 for the week. This is their first ranking as a team proving once again how important the Land of the Rising Sun is to the Tag Team rankings.

People’s Champs. Cabbie Klowaski (@CabbieKlowaski) & Vulture-This tag team came out of nowhere to win the online voting competition with a decent vote total at 78 votes from their fans and supporters. They are the People’s Champs for the very first time after beating Joseph Biggs & Kendall Zuminov at Rad: Pro on 8/15. Impressive first showing in the voting for this tag team.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

The BroDans

Muno Taiyo

The Premiere Athlete Brand

D&D Security

The Punkadelics-#2 in the online voting competition with 51 votes


The Heavy Hitters

Grits and Gravy-#3 in the online voting competition with 28 votes

Chicago Overcoats-#4 in the online voting competition with 21 votes

Sons of Steel

Hubba Bubba Lucha

Bobby Roberts & Lewis Girvan

Insane Evil

Project Ego

Alpha Omega

Cho Kibou-Gun

Yankee Two Kenju

Goon Squad

Irn Jew

The Logan Brothers

Yuko Miyamoto & Isami Kodaka

CIMA, Don Fujii, & Gamma

Las Traumas

And there you have it, the 10 of the most popular independent wrestling stars as well as the 5 most popular independent tag teams of the world as voted by the fans as well as independent wrestling writers across the country. To check out their official web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their social media accounts:
Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

Don’t forget to buy their shirts at

And now, let’s move on with the rest of the awards…

MVP Of The Week:


Seth Rollins (What a shocker!)

Barbwire Blog Girls of the Week:


The Ladies Of SHIMMER (The Pioneers Of Women’s Wrestling In The World.)

And finally…
Moment of the Week:


That’s it for this week’s picks! Stay tuned on who wins next week!

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