The Barbwire Blog Weekly Awards For August 31, 2015

Welcome to this weeks Barbwire Blog Weekly Awards, where there will be fun and some humor involved. It honors the best while having a little fun. So enjoy this week’s picks!

Delusional Dope Of The Week:


Jon Stewart


(Thank you Ric Flair, for reminding us that records are meant to be broken, even his 16 championship reigns.)

Match Of The Week:


Neville Vs Kevin Owens (Smackdown, 8/27)

Angry Guy Of The Week:


Seth Rollins (Once again, the man who never shuts up gets this award!)


WMCA Good Guys Of The Week:



And now, here we go with the Top 10 independent stars of the world as well as the top five tag teams of the world this week on the Indy Power Rankings on The Barbwire Blog; where we rank the best professional wrestlers from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico, from Europe to Japan. We’ll count down the 10 most popular wrestlers as well as the 5 most popular tag teams in the world this week, hot off the votes from the online poll as well as the votes from independent wrestling writers for the week ending August 24, 2015. Now, on with the countdown!

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of August 24th, 2015


#1 Santana Garrett (@SantanaGarrett_)-Santana does it for a third time! Not only did Santana Garrett rack up her third #1 ranking this week, she now owns ANOTHER title after defeating Ashley Mayberry, Grace Storm, MJ Knight, and Shaniah Arlyana at OPW on 8/23 to win the vacant title. The night before she retained her NWA World Women’s Title vs. Jayme Jameson at FWA to continue her dominance of women’s wrestling, independent wrestling, and the entire state of Florida. What’s next for perhaps the best and definitely the most dominant female wrestler on Planet Earth? Check out our very first interview with her here:

#2 Corporal Robinson-It was not a bad ranking at all this week for the winner of the first ever Southern Slaughter Tournament winner. By outlasting Terry Houston, Spidar Boodrow, Belton Creedmore, and Mike Levy, the true veteran of the Death Match scene took his talents to North Carolina where he came out on top. While he didn’t quite get the #1 spot this week, his ranking is respectable for winning a first-time tournament. A new, super motivated Corporal Robinson has been tearing it up in 2015 and he finally gets rewarded with a much-deserved ranking in this week’s Top 10. He also collected 49 votes in the online voting competition to come in 4th in the running for the People’s Champ award this week.

#3 Shingo Takagi-Dragon Gate strikes again with yet another high ranking for one of their top talents. The only thing that kept Shingo from the #2 spot was the lack of fan votes (he only got 1) to help his overall total. The Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Champion defeated Kzy on 8/20, then beat Kyu Kyu Naoki Tanizaki Toyonaka Dolphin on 8/22 and then wrapped up the week by beating U-T on 8/23. A 3-0 week gets Shingo another great ranking as he continues his rise up the 2015 IPR 100.

#4 Matt Cross (@MDoggMattCross)-The CWF Champion and QPW King of Ladders Champion may not be having the year on the indies that he had last year, but it’s still been very good. This past weekend he defeated David Starr at Legacy on 8/22 and then beat Rich Swann, Pepper Parks, and Kirk Warmack in a four-way at Smash Wrestling on 8/23 to go 2-0 for the week. With 4 straight victories, “M-Dogg” is on a roll right now. Is more gold in his future?

#5 Johnny Gargano (@JohnnyGargano)-The Smash Wrestling Champion defeated Will Calrissian at ESW on 8/22 and then beat Candice LeRae at Smash on 8/23 to retain the title. His 2-0 week wasn’t his best week, but with his name value, prestige, and history on the indies, he had a leg up on the competition this week to grab the #5 spot to continue his successful year. Since the beginning of the Indy Power Rankings in 2013, Gargano has been arguably the most consistent wrestler in all the indies.

#6 Aja Kong-Aja Kong returns to the Top 10 this week when she defeated Tusukushi at the joint Wave/JWP/Reina/Oz Academy/Ice Ribbon show on 8/20 and then teamed with Makoto Oishi at DDT on 8/23 to win a tag team gauntlet battle royal. She finished off the weekend by teaming with Jun Kasai and Minoru Suzuki at Oz Academy on 8/23 to defeat Mitsuhisa Sunabe, Ryuji Ito, & Yumi Ohka. Her 3-0 week was one of the best despite not having a lot of singles victories.

#7 Maybach Taniguchi-He has a 4-0 week and only gets a #7 spot? Examine his week last week and you may see why that is. He teamed with Maybach Blue Justice & Maybach Don at NOAH on 8/19 to defeat Captain NOAH, Mikey Nicholls & Super Crazy in the quarterfinals, then to defeat No Mercy (Akitoshi Saito & Takashi Sugiura) & Quiet Storm in the semifinals and then to defeat Suzuki-gun (El Desperado, Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka) to win the Arukas Cup Six Man Tag Tournament and then defeated Takashi Iizuka by DQ on 8/22. His week was certainly impressive, but it was the lack of singles success that likely kept him in the lower portion of the Top 10.

#8 Alex Castle (@thisisatravesty)-It was a very good weekend for Castle as he defeated his former partner, Matt Cage at SLA on 8/21 and then beat Ricky Starks, Justin D’Air, Mike Outlaw, Mikey McFinnegan, and Donovan Danhausen in a six-way match at SLA on 8/22. His 2-0 weekend at CIRCUS MAXIMUS was enough to get him back into the Top 10 for the first time in quite some time. Can he continue this momentum and get some more entries into the Top 10 before the end of the year?

#9 Drew Galloway (@GallowaySpeaks)-The former multiple time #1 had another solid week as he took his ICW World Title back to the UK where he defeated Kris Travis on 8/23 to retain the title. While he no longer has the Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE titles to his credit, he does still have a nice collection of gold. He has racked up 7 victories in his last 10 matches outside of TNA. He’s currently battling for the #1 spot in the IPR 100. If he can continue to pick up independent bookings outside of the majors, he has a fighting chance.

#10 Marcellus King (@MARCELLUSKING1)-The Mid-Atlantic King forced everyone to #BowDown over the weekend as he defeated Brad Attitude to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title on 8/22. The title has a rich history with the Indy Power Rankings as it previously earned Arik Royal a #1 ranking back in 2013. The title proves its worth again as Marcellus King gets his first Top 10 ranking this year. With 7 wins and 1 draw in his last 8 matches, Marcellus King has a shot of building on this ranking in the near future.

People’s Champ. Max Havok-Israel came strong again this week as the NEW IWL Champion won the online voting competition with a very impressive 147 votes collected. He defeated Iceman for the title in Israel on 8/17 and then turned around and won his first People’s Champ award this week. Congratulations to Max Havok!

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Steve O Reno

Tommy End

Tim Donst

Jaxon Jarvis


Rich Swann

Live Wire

Jack Thriller

Joey Avalon


Queen Maya

Lana Austin

Lince Dorado


American Superstar

AR Fox

George Gatton


Io Shirai

Bryan Skyline

Brock Hall


Kameron Kade


LJ Heron

Hudson Envy



Jason Havoc

Taxi Queen

Eddie Diamond

Trevor Lee

Mikey Lord


Dameon Ceretone

Danny Chase




Sonoko Kato

Chet Sterling

Boby Zavala

Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of August 24th, 2015

#1 Maybach Taniguchi, Maybach Blue Justice, & Maybach Don-We get a very unexpected #1 in the Tag Team Top 5 in the Tag Team Top 5 this week as NOAH produces another top team (this time a 3-man team) in the Top 5. This time it comes from the Arkas Cup 6-Man Tag Tournament where this team defeated Mikey Nicholls, Super Crazy & Captain NOAH in the quarterfinals, then beat Takashi Sugiura, Akitoshi Saito & Quiet Storm in the semis, and then defeated Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki, Takashi Iizuka & El Desperado) in the finals to go 3-0 and grab their first #1 ranking. With the tournament win, #1 ranking, and 3 straight wins, can this team return to the Tag Team Top 5 in 2015? They’d be one of the few three man teams to have that kind of success.

#2 Adam Caster & Evan Gelistico-This tag team came out of nowhere to win two HUGE matches over the weekend. First, they defeated The Viking War Party (Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell) at SLA on 8/21 and they scored an even bigger upset when they defeated The Hooligans on 8/22 to win the SLA Tag Team Titles. With a 2-0 week, they get their first ranking in the Tag Team Top 5 and it’s a high one. The Hooligans have already said they’re coming after them for THEIR titles. Can Caster & Gelistico survive the challenges that lie ahead?

#3 The Models (Joey Hayes & Danny Hope)-This UK Tag Team has been tearing it up in Europe this year as they pop up again in the Tag Team Top 5 with a big weekend. The FSW (and BWP) Tag Team Champions defeated The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) at FSW on 8/22 in a TLC Match to retain the titles. While this was their only victory over the weekend, it was most certainly a HUGE one considering the competition and type of match they were in. Be on the lookout for more big things from them this year.

#4 Insane Evil (Chase McCoy & Dysfunction)-The tag team standouts in the Brew City have just continued to impress time and time again. The BCW (and ICW) Tag Team Champions defeated The Perfect 10 (Jarrod Willis & Justin Dredd) at BCW on 8/22 to retain the titles. With 4 straight victories under their belts and two titles to their credit, what more can we expect from this dominant team in the Wisconsin area? One thing’s for sure, they’ve had a very impressive 2015 thus far.

#5 Los Ingobernables (La Mascara, La Sombra, & Rush)-This is one of the rare occasions where we get TWO three man teams in the Tag Team Top 5. This team was actually tied with Insane Evil for the #4 spot, but it was the fan vote that broke the tie. That being said, this team was impressive over the weekend as they defeated Atlantis, Maximo & Valiente at CMLL on 8/21 and then defeated Brazo de Plata, Shocker & Volador Jr. at Promociones Tragedias on 8/22 to go 2-0 for the week. Good week for them. Will we see them again? Time will tell.

People’s Champs. Candy Crushers-Israel sweeps the online voting competitions this week as they won the singles voting and then easily won the tag team voting competition. With 109 votes, this tag team got enough support from the fans in their home country to earn a mention after they defeated Ken Kerbis & Sharon Palty at IWL on 8/17. Congratulations to them on their first People’s Champs Award!

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:

Los Ben Dejos

UK Hooligans

Young Lions

Polo Promotions


The N Words

Harley Wonderland & Rachel Rose

The Overdogs


Golden Storm Riders

Andy Sweet & Mooch

Dicks on Fire

Ken Broadway & Ariela Nyx

The Threat

Suzuki Gun

Jon Ryan & Eddie Dennis

Aja Kong & Makoto

Kong & Oishi

Rodeo Drive

And there you have it, the 10 of the most popular independent wrestling stars as well as the 5 most popular independent tag teams of the world as voted by the fans as well as independent wrestling writers across the country. To check out their official web site where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting, visit as well as their social media accounts:
Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

Don’t forget to buy their shirts at

And now, let’s move on with the rest of the awards…

MVP Of The Week:


Zack Sabre, JR; Winner of the 2015 PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Tournament

Barbwire Blog Girl of the Week:


Cheerleader Melissa, Winner of the Gold Rush Lady Luck Tournament and the new Gold Rush Lady Luck Champion (Not to mention a record-setting 8-Time Girl Of The Week winner!)

And finally…
Moment of the Week:


“Whoops, wrong statue.”

That’s it for this week’s picks! Stay tuned on who wins next week!

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