Editor’s Soapbox, Volume 1


When news broke about a recent shooting over at WWE’s state-of-the-art Performance Center in Orlando, I was sick to death about what transpired. What is even more appalling, is when a bunch of clowns posting several jokes to even death threats on Diva Dirt, the website that covers women’s wrestling from all angles. This kind of nonsense is practically uncalled for and it has no place anywhere.

While we support our readers and our supporters, anybody who does this kind of thing while this situation is played out to the fullest extent, will be blocked and banned from this site. While I applaud Mr. Jason Deadrich, owner of the aforementioned site, and the team over at Diva Dirt with new policy changes when it comes to commenting on their site, I also have to condemn those who make either jokes or threats about a serious situation going down in Orlando. I feel bad for the victims and my prayers are with them.

I have tried to get this thing off the ground since the launch of this site in it’s current format in 2014, and the mission is still very true to this day; We will bring you quality over quantity when it comes to articles and opinions. Even though there are several unpopular opinions, but it will get people talking.

That is it from my soapbox. Thank you all for reading. To submit your take on wrestling on a future “Editor’s Soapbox,” email us at barbwireblog@yahoo.com.

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