And The 2015 Barbwire Blog Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Is…


Since 2013, The Barbwire Blog Lifetime Achievement Award has always recognizes a lifetime achievement by a personality in the industry, like a manager, a wrestler, a broadcaster or even a columnist. This award is for either active or retired personalities who has been either in the wrestling business or covering the business for 25 years or more.  In  it’s inaugural year, this site honored British wrestling legend “Rowdy” Ricky Knight upon his official retirement. Last year we honored one of the best journalists in wrestling, Mike Mooneyham, on over 25 years of covering the wrestling world with the Charleston Post and Courier. There are a lot of worthy names to consider this year, but one name tops them all…


Ever since she stepped into the squared circle, Sweet Saraya Knight has been and always will be one of British wrestling’s toughest ladies. Since 1990, Sweet Saraya has done it all; Wrestling, managing, even promoting; and that’s not hard to come by. A former SHIMMER Champion and the founding matriarch of Bellatrix, Saraya can still clobber someone at will, no matter who it is. Rivalries with Destiny, Lady Lory, Cheerleader Melissa, Christina Von Eerie and even her own daughter Brittani Knight (WWE’s Paige) have been well documented, and no what, Sweet Saraya always finds new ways to come out on top. Saraya is also a teacher to new students as well, as Bellatrix saw several talented names that learned from The English Rose such as Liberty, Chanel, Lady Penelope and many others. Because of them, Bellatrix continues to come on strong. A member of the WAW Hall of Fame and the Barbwire Blog Hall of Fame, Saraya deserves every accolade that’s been put in front of her.

It is an absolute honor and great privilege to announce Sweet Saraya Knight, matriarch of the Knight clan and one of Britain’s greatest women’s wrestlers, is our 2015 Barbwire Blog Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

Photo Credit: Modern Myth Photography

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