Editor’s Soapbox, Volume 3


With STARDOM USA making its long anticipated debut this coming weekend, the vision of its fearless leader and president Cheerleader Melissa is now a reality. While SHIMMER is successful in the USA, the STARDOM brand well be given a full chance to prove to the world why the Japan-based promotion is making a tremendous impact right here on American soil. And with a stacked roster that featured joshis and talented wrestlers from across the country, it’s no surprise that these shows will get over with the American crowd.


The first show will be on Friday in Covina, CA and the second show will be on Sunday in Baldwin Park, CA. Melissa will be in action as well as current NWA World Women’s Champion and SHINE Champion Santana Garrett and Shayna Baszler and the debuts of Kairi Hojo, Io Shirai, Act Yasukawa, Mayu Iwatani and Kyoko Kimura in the United States. If it becomes a successful in California, it might lead to more shows in the US soon. If there is going to be a STARDOM USA event in the New York area, I would love to attend and continue supporting the one thing that needs to be supported: Women’s Wrestling.

Along with the STARDOM USA management, our collaborators, and our staff, it is a big opportunity to promote this once in a lifetime event to further our support of women’s wrestling worldwide. To fail is like dropping the game-winning football in the end zone. But I’m completely sure that STARDOM USA will be a big hit in the American market.

That is it from my soapbox. Thank you all for reading. To submit your take on wrestling on a future “Editor’s Soapbox,” email us at barbwireblog@yahoo.com.

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