Pride And Passion: A Preview Of Thunder Rosa Vs. Cheerleader Melissa


There is a time and a place for everything, and this weekend at Gold Rush Pro Wrestling’s “The 3rd Golden Rule” will be that time and place for one of the most talked about matchups in women’s wrestling today. In one corner there a rising star with a huge following; the other is a veteran looking to prove her doubters wrong. The 2004 Cauliflower Alley Club Future Legend award winner Cheerleader Melissa faces off against the superpopular Thunder Rosa for the Lady Luck Championship this coming Saturday.

This is not their first time against each other, as their epic encounter dates back to their STARDOM run as well as the finals of the Lady Luck Tournament where they faced off in a one on one encounter for the first time. While these two have very unique styles, but when it comes right down to it, the aggression will come into play. In the end, Melissa won the match and the tournament to get her first championship in 2015. While one woman was cementing her legacy, the other was looking for the opportunity to get the recognition she deserves.


Thunder Rosa may have put Shotzi Blackheart out of the running for #1 contender for the title, but with the opportunity comes a lot of questioning; Can she pull off the biggest upset in her career? Will she choke and become nothing more than a bust? I’m not very sure how to answer it, but one thing is for certain; Thunder Rosa is not a bust, nor will she ever be one. A win will get her some will deserved recognition, but a loss won’t hurt her popularity. A heavy favorite for our Prospect of the Year and one of the wrestlers to watch in 2016, Rosa will have to up her game a bit of she wants to be at the level of the champion.


Cheerleader Melissa on the other hand is quite the subject of controversy these past few days, as a few SHIMMER fans claim that the former SHIMMER Champion and current Lady Luck Champion lost her passion for this industry. That statement was met with criticism as Melissa has made her mark in SHIMMER as well as STARDOM. Melissa never lost her passion for this industry and deserves plenty of respect from those who criticized her with comments like that. I think those words well be more of a motivation tool for Melissa as she defends the bent for a second time, the first against Shayna Bazsler in a talked-about rematch from their first encounter at QPW.

While the match is highly built up to its potential, there’s a lot of pride and passion in this matchup. One side, a young, hungry, up-and-coming talent looking to make a name for herself; The other is a legend in women’s wrestling looking to maintain her legacy and prove her doubters wrong about losing her passion. This Saturday will see how things play out.

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