This Year’s PWI Female 50 Is A Complete Joke


Well folks, like many of you I always look forward to checking out the PWI Female 50 each year it came out. And this year, the magazine is kissing WWE’s ass yet again.

The recent announcement of Nikki Bella as the #1 ranked woman based on her record-breaking resign as WWE Divas Champion is sure to maybe her fans happy; but to this writer as well as a few others who believe in women’s wrestling, this is an insult of the highest order. The fact that this woman is number one over the likes of Santana Garrett (Who has 6 championships to her credit) and Sasha Banks is clearly beyond me, but this so-called evaluation process PWI is the most subjective I have ever heard. I’m ashamed to be a fan of the sport now that the most talentless Diva on the roster is number one instead of a hard working individual.

Here’s the full list:

1. Nikki Bella
2. Paige
3. Sasha Banks
4. Santana Garrett
5. Gail Kim
6. Charlotte
7. Naomi
8. Cherry Bomb
9. Courtney Rush
10. Taryn Terrell
11. Bayley
12. Brie Bella
13. Sexy Star
14. Cheerleader Melissa
15. LuFisto
16. Nicole Matthews
17. Becky Lynch
18. Kimber Lee
19. Natalya
20. Jessicka Havok
21. Awesome Kong
22. Candice LeRae
23. Brooke
24 Athena
25. Ivelisse
26. Jade
27. Madison Rayne
28. Leva Bates
29. Barbi Hayden
30. Angelina Love
31. Emma
32. Saraya Knight
33. Veda Scott
34. Velvet Sky
35. Madison Eagles
36. Kay Lee Ray
37. Marti Bell
38. Kellie Skater
39. Nikki Storm
40. Evie
41. Heidi Lovelace
42. Tessa Blanchard
43. Portia Perez
44. Alicia Fox
45. Cat Power
46. Crazy Mary Dobson
47. Xandra Bale
48. La Rosa Negra
49. Malia Hosaka
50. Vanessa Kraven

Sometimes it’s not the list that pisses me off, it’s the bias PWI has for WWE and TNA. There’s not a wrestler from Japan, Mexico, and Europe that ever makes the top 50. It revolves around the bias a bit so the big companies can make a big deal about it. In my opinion Nikki does NOT deserve the #1 position because this is just another example of PWI kissing WWE’s ass and pissing off a few people in the process. I felt that Santana Garrett would have been #1 this year because of her run with the NWA World Women’s Championship as well as the SHINE Championship, but once again PWI showed us it was all about “Plastic over athleticism” when they named Nikki #1. I’m sorry, but to me that is just disrespectful and underhanded to see PWI not give the right woman the recognition she deserves. Santana Garrett should have been #1 if it wasn’t for PWI kissing the corporate ass of the almighty power that is WWE. It is what it is, and that’s how I feel about it. Paige last year earned it but I never criticized it, but this year I have a lot to criticize about and the bias the have needs to stop next year. If not, I’ll be one unhappy customer.

Where's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless when you need them?

Where’s Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless when you need them?

While I have no hate for the editors over at PWI, this decision is simply a way to kiss up to the WWE after they made their world heavyweight championship the ONLY recognized championship. This is a pathetic attempt to attract readers who believe in REAL women’s wrestlers, not phony-baloney women wrestlers or models. Paige got a pass from me last year. Nikki does not get one this year.

There’s nothing wrong with selling magazines, but having a mediocre wrestler at #1 is purely distasteful. Yes it’s a kayfabe list, but there’s always going to be a debate on who deserves it more. PWI after recognizing only the WWE World Heavyweight Championship makes it a pro-WWE publication and nothing else. Having the wrong woman at #1 is bad for business because if the fans complain, what good will it do?

There’s gonna be dispute. There’s gonna be arguments. There’s always going to be debates. And there’s always gonna be disgruntled fans taking it to social media to criticize. This list this year is a prime example.

While I respect the fact that Nikki has improved quite a bit, I wouldn’t put her in my top ten because of the mediocre reign she had was all about pride of the company, not about respect. While I have said that Nikki does not have the skill-set to be great, my opinion is that she has an ability to be the best in her craft, no matter what. That is the honest truth.

While the Barbwire Blog Awards will move up after Thanksgiving Day, I look forward to the fans who will vote to see who gets the Ladies Mainstream Award and the Ladies Independent Award. The road to November 27th is going to be a long ride.

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