Eva Marie And Heel Heat In 2015


One thing that pops into my mind about Eva Marie is that she might not be the most talented woman on the NXT roster, but she might be the most hated woman in professional wrestling. With Eva Marie getting in line for the NXT Women’s Championship, the heat on her is going to get a lot higher than initially expected.

And besides, the word “heat” in 2015 is completely different than it ever was.

But I have to be extremely honest here: with the rise & popularity of social media, the heat Eva Marie gets is strictly legit. The kind of heat reserved for people like Rusev and Big Show. But in the modern version of heat, she’s getting a lot of hate from the crowd.

But this is 2015.

The more we boo, the more we complain on social media, and the more we cry and moan about how much we fans hate her, the more reason for Vince McMahon & the WWE creative team to use her. However, despite having spent many hours training with Brian Kendrick, she isn’t as far along as she should be & the creative team is completely shoving Eva Marie down our throats. To true fans of women’s wrestling, this is kind of insulting.

While Eva Marie is still improving, the future could still be bright for her. With names like Asuka, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Bayley, the opportunity for Eva Marie to improve couldn’t have happened at a better time. While some might like her because of her looks, others despise her for her inexperience in the ring. That’s something we all understand.

As of this writing, she is currently in contention of the NXT Women’s Championship, and in my honest opinion, it is too soon to give her an opportunity. The better she gets, the more opportunities she’ll get, but this is kind of ludicrous to hand her the belt on a silver platter. The fans have said it all along: she hasn’t earned anything, she hasn’t gained anything & she’ll bring down the rising popularity of women’s wrestling in NXT.


Remember folks, we’ve been blessed with quality women’s matches in NXT for the past 3 years. That’s a hard act to follow. But to those who are fans of women’s wrestling, the line “Eva Marie is the NXT Women’s Champion” is more than an insult, it’s a small in the face of every women’s wrestling fan all over the world.

The facts speak for themselves, Eva Marie is nothing more than a victim of today’s interpretation of heat.

There’s nothing wrong with that, even though thousands of wrestling fans flat-out hate her with a passion. While I remain somewhat neutral on the topic, a part of me despises her for failing every single time and hoping to have everything handed to her on a silver platter.

I can’t find anything redeemable about Eva Marie rather than her looks. The hatred for this woman is so intense, you can hear it from the nosebleeds section. As a fan of wrestling, this heat can only go away if Eva Marie does the one thing that others have done in their careers: get better, learn from the experienced talent & make good use of every opportunity that comes her way.

If she does that, there’s nothing we can do about it because she’s getting it done.

But now, I’m going to see what happens when she does get it right and learn her craft. If she doesn’t, then the hate for her will continue.

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