The Darkest Day In SHINE History


Well folks, we can all say that Santana Garrett is no longer SHINE Champion thanks to Taylor Made and So Cal Val’s VALkyrie faction. And for the few, the decision to put the belt on an individual who has improved in recent months but never a prime-time fixture in SHINE is quite controversial to say the least. Some people may have to give the devil his due, but Taylor Made, love her or hate her, is the SHINE Champion regardless.

One of these head-scratching reactions came from my good friend and Tribute to Incredible Women Wrestlers admin Michael Chichetti, who had this to say: “Seriously? Out of all the women who could have dethroned Santana as World Champion, they went with Taylor Made?!” Unfortunately so, but this story will give another individual another shot at the SHINE Championship, and that is Allysin Kay.

While Allysin is currently injured at the hands of Su Yung last night, this healing period will do Allysin some good. But when she gets back to 100%, look for her to tear VALkyrie a new one. After all, she was an original member of Valkyrie before So Cal Val merged Valiforinia and Valkyrie to become one superfaction, a decision AK47 doesn’t like one bit. After her excommunication from the group, Allysin went alone against what VALkyrie has thrown at her. Come 2016, look for the bad blood between former tag team partners to be spilled, so that we can finally see what we wanted for quite some time; AK47 for Champ.

While VALkyrie has all the gold (Including the Tag Team Championship held by Jayme Jameson and Marti Belle) the scrutiny towards the booking is mutual, considering my distaste for it. You can call it what you want, but SHINE 31 is the darkest day in the promotion’s history.

As Charlie Brown would say, “Good Grief.”

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