The Five: The Five Comebacks In Women’s Wrestling In 2015


In wrestling, coming back after a brief retirement will get you back in the wrestling groove. Over the years, we have seen some good comebacks and one-time appearances from those who helped make women’s wrestling what it is today.


Jennifer Thomas, also known in the California wrestling scene as Snow Cal Chloe, made a return to the wrestling scene when she took on Katarina Waters in an EWF event last April. Even if it was a losing effort, Jennifer still made her presence felt. Heck, she’s still doing shows in the California area. A comeback like that, even if it isn’t a full-time thing, will give Jennifer the break she needs in the wrestling world. And so far, she’s done a great job of doing so.

Andreá made her full-time return after taking time off due to weight issues. The former Rosie Lottalove has become a lean, mean, fighting machine during her stay in SHINE, and so far the comeback is a complete success. Look for bigger success from this amazing athlete in 2016 and beyond.

Daizee Haze and Lacey made their one-time appearance in SHIMMER this October, when they faced off on different teams (Lacey was on Portia Perez’s team, Daizee was on Allison Danger’s squad), and their appearance helped make it memorable. While we can possible rule out a comeback for both individuals, at least they helped put SHIMMER on the map for a decade.


Melina also made a comeback of her own, being a part of the STARDOM USA shows lay October. Pairing up with Santana Garrett and Kairi Hojo helped make her comeback a solid success. Even if she does have some ring rust after not competing for a while, look for her to make an impact somewhere in 2016.

That folks is the five successful comebacks in 2015. While comebacks are a good thing in this industry, it makes it more memorable. These ladies deserve respect, and they have my utmost respect.

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