Protecting The Business


After watching a video of Gabi Castrovinci’s (Raquel from TNA),  match in Florida, it made me wonder why I was a wrestling fan in the first place. (For those who are wondering where the footage is, click here) But later Gabi went on TMZ complaining about being assaulted by another women’s wrestler, I feel like I want to separate myself from the sport. Gabi not only got bruises, she also got a cracked tooth and a hairline fracture on the left side of her jaw, which is totally graphic to say the least. While many people provided sympathy for Gabi for the “assault,” SHIMMER icon Cheerleader Melissa put in her two cents on the issue;

That line alone received plenty of backlash but at the same time the understanding of the one thing wrestlers do to maintain order in the sport; Protect the business.

Let me very clear about this; Melissa was being honest about the situation, but there are foolish people out there that are criticizing her for not defending Gabi for what happened.  Some fans were disappointed in her for her comments, others called her every dirty name in book, while few defended her statement. While it’s unfair to throw one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world under the bus, the comments made me think twice about criticizing the best in the world. If there is one rule that need to be followed in professional wrestling, protecting the business is one of them. Gabi didn’t follow that rule, and she might face criticism along the way, perhaps getting less bookings.

What happened was unprofessional and unsafe. If you look back at what happened in Japan last year, nothing can compare to the incident when Yoshiko nailed Act Yasukawa with closed fist strikes to her face. Melissa wasn’t there when the incident took place, yet people bash her for being in STARDOM, the same place Act Yasukawa got the beating of a lifetime and was forced to retire. After that incident, STARDOM took major steps in the right direction by banning closed fist strikes and having a doctor at ringside. Calling Melissa out for working for STARDOM is a bad move.


I’ve been a fan for a majority of my life and I have never seen or heard anything unprofessional in the ring, unless it becomes a major problem. I of course have experience of being unprofessional on the job for four years, and here I am just trying to do better. But when I criticize someone, I do it when it’s warranted.

To those who have an issue with a young wrestler, work it out instead of beating it out. And to those defending the individual who claimed was assaulted, think before you watch the footage. You might learn something.

And besides, Melissa didn’t deserve the nasty names a few fans give her Twitter. One individual called her a disgrace for her remarks, I say those people are fools for calling out someone who’s smart enough to protect the wrestling industry. As SHIMMER promoter Dave Prazak said on Facebook after viewing the footage; “Watched the video of this ‘shooty’ women’s match in Florida. Whether they were doing the shooting, later complaining about getting shot on, or were just in a terrible match, everyone involved provided plenty of reasons in that video why other girls should be given bookings on wrestling shows rather than any of them.” And he’s spot on. Same with Melissa about what she said.

And I’m never gonna throw them under the bus for their comments. I agree with what they are saying.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s fine. But don’t call me a nasty name along the way.

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