Editor’s Soapbox: Volume 5


Every time someone uses Disqus to comment on a wrestling topic, it might come out as funny and sometimes entertaining. But when there are times when it gets to offensive such as childish behavior, abuse, spam and off-topic discussions, it becomes a big problem. As an editor you need to be on your toes when things like that happen. Policies are put in place in order to maintain order and make sure immature acts don’t happen again in the future.

Take Diva Dirt for an example. After a 2015 incident at WWE’s performance center, they got rid of Disqus because some folks were making off color jokes about some person bringing a gun to the place and to those running the site, those jokes were not funny at all. it was a knee jerk reaction to get rid of Disqus, and the site has fallen victim to a culture where political correctness is the way to go. But there are times when things are not meant to be joked around, especially after that particular incident. Some people said that shutting down Disqus comments for a month and changing to Facebook ruined the site. They say Diva Dirt isn’t dying yet the most of the staff left for bigger and better things. They Diva-Dirt isn’t dying, and they said its already dead. They said bring back Disqus and see what happens. Me? I rather stick to policy and stay on topic instead of making a joke about certain issues that are serious.

Those same people said that switching to Facebook comments was a mistake and it single handedly destroyed the fan community that had been built up around the site. To me that is just as disgraceful to bring attention to yourselves after incidents like that. My response was this:

“I don’t think THAT will happen in the near future. After the incident at the WWE Performance Center there were a bunch of unruly people who went on their way to being offensive about the serious issue that took place. That was not only disrespectful to the people who work on the site, but it was disrespectful to those who run it. As a loyal fan, I don’t think that Diva Dirt is dead as you put it, it’s just in a transitional period with a group of guys looking for the opportunity to make their name on the journalism business. I see no need to bring back Disqus after the powers that be placed a policy regarding comments.”

Policies are meant to be put in place and sometimes when jokes that are insensitive it becomes disruptive to the entire community. Site owners and it’s editors are continuously being disrespected to the highest extent. If that happens, closing the comments section down is a good idea to maintain order that once you make stupid jokes about a serious topic or make an off-topic discussion or spamming the comments section entirely, then you are banned from commenting. Period. Respect the people that own the site, especially this one, because one stupid comment will cost you big time.

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